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AACAP Parking Strategies

AACAP Parking Strategies

Join us on Tuesday July 12th at 6:00pm as the City Council discusses parking strategies to implement the Artesia and Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP).

City Council meetings are back in-person in the Council Chambers at 415 Diamond St.  The meeting will also broadcast live on Spectrum Channel 8 and Frontier Channel 41, and live streamed on the City's website at  and on YouTube at

The City hosted a virtual community meeting on April 28th to introduce the topic and take public feedback.  The meeting included four (4) key portions:

  • Parking Analysis – Results of the parking utilization study for the AACAP and discussion of the projections for future parking demand
  • Proposed Parking Measures – Review of proposed parking measure
  • Best Practices – Exploration of parking management best practices for consideration in the AACAP
  • Polling Exercise – Input from the public with “real time” results on specific questions concerning parking from the City’s Consultant and Staff. 
  • Additional time of after the presentation and “polling exercise” for questions and answers and additional input/feedback at the end of the meeting.

You can view the community workshop meeting video and PowerPoint Presentation here:

Meeting Video AACAP Parking Strategies Workshop April 28, 2022

AACAP Parking Strategies Community Workshop PowerPoint Presentation - April 28, 2022 (ensure pop-ups are enabled)

We will also continue accepting your written comments by email to

What is the AACAP?

The 2020 Artesia & Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP) is a vision-driven document that provides analysis, strategies and implementable actions aimed at revitalizing the Corridors—creating place, connectivity and character within North Redondo.

What is the parking implementation plan?

The parking implementation plan will be a document that supports the implementation of AACAP's vision via community and data-driven parking and mobility management strategies and actions.  It will also guide Zoning Code updates within the AACAP.

What is the purpose of the parking workshop?

The parking workshop is intended to:

  • Present results from the most recent parking study conducted for AACAP
  • Review implementation options for parking and mobility strategies from the AACAP as well as best practices from other communities
  • Receive community input on implementation options to guide the preparation of the AACAP parking implementation plan

Artesia and Aviation Corridors Area Plan

The City Council adopted the Artesia and Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP) at their meeting of December 8, 2020.

About the AACAP

Guided by the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), the City has prepared the Draft AACAP (available for download here), which provides a road map to transform Artesia and Aviation Boulevards into the “Main Street of North Redondo,” by outlining strategies to activate, energize, and revitalize the Corridors through thoughtful placemaking efforts, including strategies to:

  • Create an active streetscape with an enjoyable pedestrian experience and creative public spaces
  • Establish a cohesive identity
  • Improve bicycle and transit access
  • Rethink how parking is accommodated in the Corridors
  • Facilitate and encourage redevelopment and reinvestment in private property
  • Attract and retain a mix of businesses that serve the community, surrounding neighborhoods, and attract visitors

The AACAP also memorializes the various efforts that have examined the opportunities to transform the Corridors over the past decades, providing an accessible collection of community desires, ideas, and strategies to promote changes that further the community’s vision for the Corridors.

Public participation in the AACAP

The first draft of the AACAP was released for review in September 2019. The Draft was presented to the GPAC (September 26, 2019) and the North Redondo Beach Business Association (November 14, 2019). In January 2020, comments from both groups were incorporated into the AACAP and a revised Draft was issued. A community-wide workshop was then held on February 27, 2020 to facilitate discussion and collect feedback from the broader community.

Between February 21, 2020 and March 31, 2020, the City also hosted an online survey, open to any community member, business owner, or interested party, to determine which strategies in the AACAP were most important to the community. The survey identified AACAP implementation actions, and asked respondents to rank them in the order of importance. A summary of the survey results is available here.

In addition, the Planning Commission conducted three “virtual" public hearings, where they considered the Draft AACAP document along with additional public input in writing and by testimony. The Planning Commission has provided its input to the City Council.

AACAP adopted December 8, 2020

AACAP Survey Results

Feasibility and Pro Forma Analysis

Parking Utilization Study

City Manager's Report from the Artesia-Aviation Revitalization Committee

Artesia Blvd Vitalization Strategy