Roads & Streets

How can I find out about planned traffic improvement projects that affect my drive in Redondo Beach?

Although real time traffic information is not available for the roadways within the City of Redondo Beach boundaries, information on long term traffic engineering or improvement projects is available.

Check the front page of the City's website at for information on long term traffic projects.

How do I report a broken sidewalk?

Please contact the Public Works Department at (310) 318-0686.

7:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-Th
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM Fri

How do I report a broken traffic sign or signal?

Call the Public Works Department at 310-318-0686.

How do I report broken/damaged pavement?

To report problems relating to street maintenance, please call 310-318-0686, ext. 4147 or go to the Customer Service Center 

How do I report tree roots lifting up the sidewalk?

Contact the Public Works Department at 310-318-0686.  If the tree is owned by the City, the Parks Division will be informed of the problem.  If the sidewalk has been damaged by the roots of a City tree, the Public Works Department will have the damage repaired.

What do I do about an irrigation system on my street that is broken or leaking?

Please call the Public Works Department at (310) 318-0686.  You may find more information at

What if a street light is out?

Street lighting is the responsibility of  the City of Redondo Beach and Southern California Edison. Street lighting is important to the City, residents, and visitors. If you notice a street light that is malfunctioning,  please call the Public Works Department at 310-318-0686, ext. 4147.

To report problems directly to Southern California Edison, please call (800) 655-4555. 

What if the traffic lights are not working?

The City of Redondo Beach is responsible for the maintenance of most traffic signals with the exception of the following:

Please contact the Los Angeles County at (626) 458-4357 for the traffic signals at the intersections listed below: 

  • Artesia Blvd.
  • Aviation at Manhattan Beach Boulevard
  • Aviation at Marine
  • Aviation at Robinson
  • Inglewood Avenue at Manhattan Beach Boulevard
  • Inglewood Avenue at Marine
  • Inglewood Avenue at Robinson/166th St. 
  • Inglewood Avenue at 153rd Street
  • Marine at Aviation Boulevard
  • Marine at Gate 4/Doolittle(Simon Ramo)
  • Marine at Redondo Beach Avenue

Please contact CalTrans at (323) 259-2353 for the traffic signals at the intersections listed below: 

  • Hawthorne Boulevard
  • Pacific Coast Highway
Please contact the City of Redondo Beach, Public Works Department for all other signals at (310) 318-0686 or go to the Customer Service Center

Who do I call to report potholes?

Report potholes to the Public Works Department at (310) 318-0686, ext. 4147 or go to the Customer Service Center