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Parkettes Locator

Name Size Description
Beverly Parkette
1813 Harriman
.16 acre Play Equipment, Benches.
Don Owens Parkette
500 block N. Gertruda
20 x 20 Bark
Ensenada Parkette
1701 Armour
.17 acre Benches, Grass.
Flagler & Ripley Parkette .34 acres Green Belt.
Ford Parkette
1517 Ford
.12 acre Play Equipment, Benches.
General Eaton A Parkette
1721 Harriman
.17 acre Benches, Play Equipment.
General Eaton B Parkette
1710 Huntington
.34 acre Basketball, Volleyball.
Knob Hill & Sapphire
.34 Green Belt.
Gregg Parkette
1913 Pullman
.34 acre Basketball, Play Equipment.
Huntington Parkette
1815 Huntington
.17 acre Play Equipment, Benches.
LaPaz Parkette
1916 Morgan
.17 acre Play Equipment, Benches.
Massena Parkette
1604 Massena
.14 acre Play Equipment, Benches.
Mathews Parkette
1933 Mathews
.07 acre Benches, Play Equipment, Turf.
McNeill / Jaycee Parkette
1600 Morgan
.11 acre Benches.
Riviera Parkette
P.V. Blvd, Catalina & Camino De la Costa
.32 acre Benches, Turf, Trees.
Sneary Parkette
1101 Ford
.15 acre Play Equipment, Turf.
Townsend Parkette
2416 Clark
.17 acre Play Equipment, Turf.