Inmate Property

What happens to inmate property that is not sent with you to court or to the Los Angeles County jail facilities?
  • All oversized items in your possession at the time of arrest and that are left in the custody of the Redondo Beach jail must be claimed within 90 days at the Redondo Beach Police jail or by calling (310) 318-0616.
  • If you do not recover your property from Redondo Beach Jail storage within 90 days, the property will be disposed. 
  • The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department restricts the amount of property that may be sent with you to court. 

How may an inmate or an inmate’s designee recover property that is in the custody of the Redondo Beach jail?

  • If the inmate's property is retained by the Redondo Beach Police Department, and it is not being held as evidence, the owner or the owner's designee may pick up the property Monday through Friday, 07:30 am to 09:00 pm.
  • If the inmate went to court directly from the Redondo Beach Police Department Jail, was released from the court, and all property was not given to the inmate when released from custody, the inmate should contact the Redondo Beach Police Department Jail Unit at (310) 318-0616 to determine if it is in Redondo Beach custody.
  • If the inmate is in custody in another facility, such as the Los Angeles County Jail, he/she may request a form that will direct the Redondo Beach Police Department to release the property to a designee.
  • The person picking up the property must have:
    • Government photo identification
    • The authorization for release form from that facility with the name of the person retrieving the property and the signature of the inmate.
  • If an inmate remains in custody longer than ninety days, he/she must make arrangements for someone to recover the property, or he/she must request in writing an extension of storage for up to an additional ten (10) months.
  • Property held for safekeeping that is not retrieved within this time period will be auctioned or disposed per police department policy and in accordance with 2080.10 of the California Civil Code. 
  • If an inmate is unable to retrieve their property for any other reason, they must provide a notarized letter to another person that authorizes that person to retrieve their property.
  • An inmate’s property will be held at the jail facility for 90 days. Property held longer than 90 days is subject to destruction in accordance Civil Code 2080.10.