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Emergency Preparedness

In the event of a disaster, local officials and relief workers may be delayed in responding to a crisis. Everyone should be prepared to sustain themselves for at least 72 hours. In the City of Redondo Beach, we are subject to earthquakes, fires, floods, landslides, hazardous spills, and tsunami’s. 

Emergency Preparation

Prepare your family to be ready to handle any disaster, because knowing what to do and being prepared is your best protection. All of us bear the responsibility for being prepared. Check out the Emergency Preparedness Checklist (PDF) to help better prepare yourself and your family. For more preparedness tips, visit

El Nino

The Public Works Department has information regarding how the City is preparing for the El Nino Winter Season and Preparation Measures for Residents. Visit the Preparing for El Nino page for helpful information on the Winter Season. 

Tsunami Information

Based upon the frequency of historical tsunami, the probability of occurrence of a tsunami in any time period in Redondo Beach is rare.  In the unlikely event one does occur, the Redondo Beach Fire Department recommends the following evacuation routes:

  • Residents and visitors West of Harbor Drive and West of Esplanade, proceed East bound to Prospect Boulevard, traveling on Herondo, Beryl to Flagler to 190th, Torrance Boulevard, Knob Hill, Avenue D and Avenue I to PCH Southbound
  • Redondo Beach Escape Route (PDF)
  • Tsunami Inundation Map (PDF)

The goal is to get to higher ground and away from the ocean by the most expeditious means possible.  More information can be found by downloading the Tsunami Awareness and Safety (PDF) document.

Other Helpful Links and Contact Information

General Emergency Information

Natural Disasters