Summary of Community Prosecution Programs

Gang Activity and Crimes

Efforts to curtail gang activity have included:

  • Obtaining the first Gang Injunction in the South Bay to curtail gang activity in the area surrounding Perry Park.  This highly successful program received national recognition and led to an 80% decrease in violent crime and gang contacts in the area targeted by the Gang Injunction.
  • Re-certifying a local gang per 186.22 PC as a street terrorist organization.
  • Identifying the probation and parole status of gang members on a continuing basis.
  • Identifying and vigorously prosecuting gang members for all crimes with special emphasis on graffiti and other crimes designed to benefit the gang.
  • Prosecuting parents of juvenile gang members per 272 PC for allowing violations of city curfew ordinance.
  • Curtailing gang activity by innovative probation restrictions after gang members enter the court system.

Spousal Abuser Prosecution Program (SAPP)

The City Prosecutor's Office functions under the premise that violent behavior in the home, or in intimate relationships, is criminal behavior and will not be tolerated, minimized, or mediated.  As such, the policy of the City Prosecutor's Office is to ensure that all reasonable prosecutorial efforts are made to:

  • Resist the pretrial release of a defendant charged with a domestic violence offense.
  • Persuade the court to impose the most severe authorized sentence upon a person convicted after prosecution as a spousal abuser.
  • Reduce the time between arrest and disposition of a charge against an individual.
  • Provide vertical prosecution so that the same prosecutor makes all court appearances in domestic violence cases from the initial filing phase to final sentencing.
  • Provide vertical counseling services and community resource referrals under the auspices of the Redondo Beach Police Departments Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy Team. Redondo Beach Police Department's Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy Team
  • Provide victims referrals to 1736 Family Crisis Center for family services.

Identity Theft Investigation/Prosecution Team

  • This is a coordinated effort involving the Police Department and the City Prosecutor Division of the City Attorney's Office.
  • The Police Department set up the Identity Theft Investigation/Prosecution Team, conducts training and performs the expanded multi-jurisdictional investigations.
  • The City Prosecutor's Office assisted in the formation of and participates on the Identity Theft Investigation/Prosecution Team and more aggressively prosecutes all ID theft and fraud cases filed as misdemeanors.
  • The initial goal was to increase the number of arrests and prosecutions by 25%.
  • The actual result was an increase of more than 300% in ID theft arrests and prosecutions.

Homeland Security

  • Soon after the events of September 11, 2001 the South Bay Police Chiefs created a Terrorism Advisory Group Steering Committee to study the need for an appropriate response at the local level to the increased threat of terrorism.
  • The City Prosecutor served on the Steering Committee whose goals were to both (1) integrate with and compliment existing or currently forming efforts at the Federal, State and County level while avoiding duplication of effort and (2) to examine and develop a response to our own unique needs in the South Bay.
  • The City Prosecutors Office also works to support the Police Department in its efforts to deter, prevent and be able to respond to acts of terrorism.
  • This approach to Homeland Security in the South Bay has been identified by the State of California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training as an exemplary program and presented to law enforcement executives throughout the state as a model program for combating terrorism at the local level.  Additionally, the FEMA director for California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii has recently cited the South Bay as an exemplary program.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services selected the South Bay effort to be presented as a model program to police officials from throughout the country at the National Community Policing Conference in Washington, D.C.

Habitual Offender Project

  • Greatly increased sentences for those with a long record of criminal activity in Redondo Beach.
  • Appropriate and stringent conditions of probation.  Active and aggressive enforcement of the terms of probation including consecutive sentences for violations of probation.

Pier Offender Prosecution Program (POPP)
The key elements of the POPP strategy include:

  • "Zero-Tolerance for any offenses within the Pier/Harbor area.
  • Immediate and swift consequences for violations and warrants.
  • Active monitoring of probation and parole conditions.
  • Effective probation conditions:

      Search & Seizure conditions
Stay-Away Orders
No Alcohol Possession or Consumption conditions
Do Not Associate conditions