Solid Waste And Recycling

Athens Services is the City's exclusive waste hauler that provides all residential and commercial trash, recycling and organics collection services in the City of Redondo Beach.
Missed refuse collection?
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Call Athens Services at (888) 336-6100
Need to report an abandoned item, or experiencing an issue with waste hauling services? Please submit your request via Access Redondo.


You can also email or call Public Works Department at (310) 318-0686

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What Goes Where?
The refuse (grey cart) accepts "everything else" that does not go into the recycling (blue cart) and organics (green cart).  The recycling (blue cart) accepts non-food soiled paper, plastic, cans, glass, and foil. The organics (green cart) accepts yard waste, food-soiled paper (must be 100% plant-fiber based), and food scraps. For more information on what is accepted in each cart, see Athens Services' "What Goes Where Guide."

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Trash Recycling Organics
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