Parking Citations

Pay a Parking Citation
You may pay in one of three ways:
  • Online: You may pay online by visiting and click the link for “citizen inquiries.”  See the directions below.
  • Mail: You may pay by mail by sending your check or money order (with your citation number written on the check or money order) to:
    • City of Redondo Beach, C/O Citation Processing Center, P.O. BOX 10479, Newport Beach CA 92658-0479
  • Phone: You may pay by telephone by calling 1-(800) 989-2058 and follow the verbal directions.
  • Additional penalties will accrue if citation is not paid within 5 weeks of violation date. 

Lost Citations
You may obtain the citation information online by:
  • Having your license plate number or delinquent citation notice available
  • Visiting
    1. Enter your information in the appropriate fields
    2. Your citation records for this vehicle or notice will be displayed if the citation is already entered in the system.
  • Calling the Parking Enforcement Office at (310) 379-2477
    1. Provide your license plate number or delinquent notice number, or
    2. Provide your name as it appears on your vehicle registration
    3. Staff may also be able to search with information about the date and location of the citation.

Unpaid Citations
  • The City may send the information to the California Department of Motor Vehicles to withhold your annual vehicle registration until the full amounts are paid.
  • The City may send the claim to the California Franchise Tax Board to file a lien against your State income tax return.
  • The City may send the amounts to a collection agency, which may affect your credit rating.
  • Failing to respond to five or more delinquent citations may result in your vehicle being towed and impounded until you pay the citations as per Vehicle Code 22651(i).
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