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Distinguished Speaker Series presents Steve Wozniak - Oct. 21, 2012

The Distinguished Speaker Series of the South Bay launches its 15th season featuring an evening with Steve Wozniak.  Known as the Wizard of Woz, along with Steve Jobs he founded Apple Computers Inc. and started a computer revolution that has yet to slow down.  Considered by most to be the real "brains" behind Apple, Steve Wozniak is not just a first class engineer with three decades of world-famous credentials; he's also a really nice guy. This Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist first made his mark in the 1970s with his design of Apple's first line of products, the Apple I and II. Personally invested in making the world a better place on a global and local level, Wozniak has been dedicated --from the first design of the Apple I -- to a vision of making technology functionally and financially accessible to all.