Site Help

The City has gone to great lengths to improve its web presence and accomplish its goal of providing greater access to government information and services.  Along the way, the web site has grown to include many more facts and figures contained in many more options.  More options can translate to more opportunities, but can also increase the possibility for confusion.  Therefore, this page is intended to assist you in your use of this site.  If, after viewing the information provided on this page, you are having difficulty locating the information you need, feel free to e-mail our webmaster for additional help.


Upon first glance, you will undoubtedly notice a large montage of images near the top of the page reflecting the beauty of Redondo Beach.  Just above this graphic are seven blue “buttons” indicating the main areas for navigation through the site.

In the City will connect you to items for those living or working in Redondo Beach, as well as those visiting.  Major topics facing those within the City are also provided here.

Calendar will take you to a calendar of events and public meetings within Redondo Beach.

Services lists many of the services offered to Redondo Beach residents, businesses and visitors.

City Offices will introduce you to the structure of City Departments and the services they offer.

F.A.Q.s (or Frequently Asked Questions) will enable you to locate an answer to the popular question you have.  Questions are segmented by category to assist in your search.

Contact Us will provide alternative methods of contacting City staff, should this web site not give you the information you require.

Index & Help not only contains this Help page, but also an A-Z Index of all topics within the site.

Below the montage, information areas are segmented into three columns.  On the left are: (colors may vary due to monitor settings, etc.) a lavender box with upcoming events, a brown box with a quick survey, and a blue box with downloadable forms.  The middle column will house the news stories and other items of importance.  The right includes three more information boxes; green for items significant to those living in Redondo Beach; orange for items related to working in Redondo Beach; and yellow for those visiting our fine community.

Searching For Desired Information

You may notice a new function to the City’s web site: a powerful and accurate Search.  In fact, our new web site contains many different ways you can find the information you desire.  If you are not familiar with the City’s structure of Departments, one can: 1) Use the Search function; 2) Click on a link in the highlighted (colored) information boxes; 3) View the A-Z Index; 4) Access the FAQ’s page to answer a question; 5) Use the list of Services; or, if you are already familiar with the City’s Departments, 6) Find your information among City Department pages.


To help familiarize you with the file structure of this site, and to keep you aware of where you are within the site, we have added “breadcrumbs”. Breadcrumbs list the path you have taken to arrive at your current page.  Breadcrumbs will be found just under the blue buttons on “secondary” pages (away from the home page).  Example of breadcrumbs:

Finding Your Way Back Home

If you ever need to get back to the City’s homepage, there are a few different ways to accomplish this.  First, the City’s logo in the top left corner of the page will act as a hyperlink and transport you back to the City’s homepage.  You can also click on “Homepage” or the home icon in the “breadcrumbs” line (see “Breadcrumbs” above).  If you decide to save the City’s homepage as your default “home” page, you can return to the City’s homepage by clicking on the Home button on your browser. 

Viewing, Printing and Saving Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) Files

Many forms and documents on this web site have been converted to .pdf format.  The Portable Document Format will allow for universal access between different operating platforms (IBM, Mac, etc.).  These files can be viewed on your computer with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  The Reader software is FREE to download from here.  Be sure to select the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader that is compatible with your system.  Also, if you have Adobe Acrobat (full version) or Adobe Approval, you can fill-in the forms available on the site and save them to you local drive.  Be sure to use the Adobe tool bar when saving or printing a .pdf document.

Print-Friendly Format

The site is built with graphics and a certain fixed width that may cause an issue when trying to print a page within the width of a single page in portrait orientation.  Also, the graphics displayed on a certain page may be too intensive for some printers, and/or may delay printing significantly.  Therefore, we have included a feature that will allow for easy printing.  By clicking on the "Print friendly format" icon  just under the right end on the horizontal blue Navigational bar, the graphic navigational menus on the left and at the top will not display and the remaining text will easily fit within the portrait width of a page and should print much faster than the page with the graphics.

Email Page

To alert your friends to something found on the City's site, an Email Page option has been included.  Just under the horizontal blue Navigational bar and next to the "Print friendly format icon, is the "Email page" icon .  The Email page icon will open a mail window with the page link in the message field, ready to mail.  All you have to do is insert an address in the "Mail To" field.