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The Afterschool Playground Program provides opportunities for children to exercise, play, and build their self-esteem by strengthening their communication, team building, and socialization skills in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. Additionally, the study hall offers opportunities for homework completion and educational exploration. The program is designed for children ages 6-12 years old in first through fifth grade and is open to Redondo Beach residents and children attending Redondo Beach elementary schools. LACDPH Covid guidelines will be followed. ALL CHILDREN MUST BE REGISTERED IN ORDER TO PARTICPATE.



  • Activities take place from 2:30-6:00pm on regular school days.
  • The program covers Accelerated School early Wednesday dismissals; release times will vary at each school. However, the Afterschool Program does NOT cover holidays or non-student days. Camp programs are offered for a separate fee. Refer to for details.
  • The Afterschool Program will open early on scheduled modified days such a parent conference. The starting time will vary at each school.
  • The program is open ONLY when school is in session.


  • Participants must check in with the staff at the designated check-in area. We take no responsibility legal or otherwise for the children until they check in to the program.
  • Upon leaving, a parent or person authorized to pick-up the child must check-out with staff at the designated check-out area. Only those who are authorized in the Parent Authorization for Pick-Up form will be allowed to check-out the participant (must be 16 or older and provide ID upon request). Any person listed in the NOT AUTHORIZED section as indicated on the Parent Authorization for Pick-Up form will NOT be allowed to check-out the child. The program does NOT handle child custody matters.
  • As a general guideline, children will remain indoors from 2:30-3:15pm working on homework or a quiet activity. Please note that the staff are not tutors, but they will offer assistance when needed. From 3:15-6:00pm, children can participate in games and free play inside or outside (weather permitting).
  • All children must be picked up by 6:00pm.In the event that your child is not picked up by 6:00pm, the late fee policy will be in effect starting at 6:01pm.


Guidance and leadership are provided in the areas of games, sports, drama, storytelling, arts & crafts, table games, board games, study activities, movies, and special events.  Activities take place in supervised areas only.  Leaving the supervised area without permission can result in the participant being dismissed from the program.  All equipment and supplies for these activities are provided by the Community Services Department.  Recreation leaders will encourage and assist participants during their homework time, but they will not tutor children individually.  Children who do not have homework will be offered positive, quiet activities during the designated homework time. Chrome book and electronic usage and rules will be at the discretion of the recreation staff and the school administrators.


Recreation Leaders implement “limited choices” method of discipline.  We believe that discipline should be a positive experience, teaching children self-control and social skills.  The child is made aware of their inappropriate choice and is given the opportunity to correct himself/herself with a better choice.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, then the choices are given with consequences.  Such consequences can be time out from a specific activity, time to calm down, work task, change of environment (move from outside to study hall), or other interventions.  If there is an excessive or continual behavioral issue, the parent will be notified in writing with a discipline referral.


  • The program does not provide snacks so be sure your child has adequate nutrition to sustain them until they arrive home.
  • Use of school-issued electronic devices will be at the discretion of the school principal and the recreation staff.
  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys, equipment, electronic devices, skates, rollerblades, bikes, skateboards, and scooters from home, as all necessary equipment is provided by the Afterschool Program.
  • The program does not take responsibility for the storage or security of your child’s possessions.
  • The Afterschool Program does not store or dispense medication, with the exception of Severe Allergy Medication (Epi pen). The Severe Allergy Medication form must be completed BEFORE attending the program. The form is online at
  • The Afterschool Program provides only ice packs or bandages for minor injuries. For emergencies, the staff will call the Emergency Response Services.
  • No additional services are provided; the program is not mandated. The City reserves the right to discontinue program enrollment for violation of program policies. All events, activities, policies, and fees are subject to change without notice.
  • If your child has a problem with another child, consult the Recreation Leader on duty. Never handle the situation yourself.


  • Parents must complete 4 forms before child can participate in the Afterschool Program: 1) Registration form, 2) Parent Authorization for Pick-Up, 3) Parent Contract and 4) Parent Code of Conduct.
  • If applicable, the Severe Allergy Medication form must be completed and turned in before City staff can store and administer the Epi Pen and/or Benadryl.
  • All forms must be signed and full payment received before child and participate in the program.


  • Parents agree to pay the additional fee of $15 every 15-minute interval if they are late, starting at 6:01pm. Payment is due when child is picked up.
  • Chronic lateness will result in dismissal of the member from the program (Chronic is defined as more than four per trimester). If a participant has not been picked up by 6:30 pm, then the Redondo Police Department will be called. 


The health and safety of our participants and staff remain our highest priority. Modifications will be evaluated and adjusted as needed. We will be following current LACDPH Covid-19 guidance.

For registration or inquiries, please email afterschool or call the Community Services office at 310-318-0610, x3532 or x3471. Please follow our Instagram page to see all of our past endeavors, rb_afterschool. We appreciate your continued support in our Recreation Programs.