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Police Department's Vision Statement:

  We Are the Community – Leading the Way in Law Enforcement

Redondo Beach Police Department

401 Diamond Street 

Redondo Beach, CA 90277 


Emergency Services (24/7) 9-1-1

Communications Center

Non-Emergency Dispatch

(310) 379-5411
Main Business Line (310) 379-2477
Records Unit (310) 318-0620
Traffic Unit (310) 318-0621
Detectives / Investigations (310) 318-0614
Jail Unit (310) 318-0616
Property & Evidence Unit  (310) 318-0619
Parking Enforcement (310) 318-0617
Animal Control (310) 318-0611
Code Enforcement (310) 379-2477

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Other Services

Alarm Permit 310-379-2477 alarms@redondo.org
Block Party Permit 310-379-2477  
Noise Permit 310-379-2477 RBPDPermits@redondo.org
Police Recruitment 310-379-2477 joinrbpd@redondo.org
Domestic Violence Advocate 310-379-2477  
Fingerprinting 310-379-2477  
Garage Sale Permit 310-318-0683  


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News and Updates

Registering Private Cameras with the Police Department - "Connect Redondo Beach"

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Registering Private Cameras with the Police Department - "Connect Redondo Beach"More...

Traffic Complaint Hotline (310) 937-6605

If you'd like to report an issue in regards to a non-emergency traffic concern, please call the City of Redondo Beach Traffic Complaint Hotline. This hotline was established to assist Citizens with ongoing neighborhood traffic complaints such as speeding and other hazardous violations. Often times certain traffic complaint locations are a recurring problem which may need to be monitored more frequently. Please provide the location of the traffic complaint along with a brief description of the violation including the time of day the violation happens most frequently. The Redondo Beach Police Department will assist in addressing the ongoing neighborhood traffic complaint. If you would like to speak to a Traffic Officer, please provide your contact information.

Traffic Complaint Hotline (310) 937-6605More...

Police Internship Program

The Police Department is now offering an internship program. Prospective candidates, please visit the Police Department Intern page. More information can also be found on the Volunteer Program document.

Coyotes in Redondo Beach

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What to do when you see a Coyote
View the 7 steps of coyote aggression and steps to delay aggression

If You SEE Something, SAY Something

If You SEE Something, SAY Something
Remember, a simple observation, a single report,
can lead to actions that may stop a terrorist attack.
Report suspicious activity to the Redondo Beach Police Department by calling 310-379-5411

For more information, go to http://www.dhs.gov/files/reportincidents/see-something-say-something.shtm

Prohibition on the use of Motorized Leaf Blowers

The Redondo Beach City Council adopted Ordinance 3180-18 prohibiting the use of motorized leaf blowers, city-wide. (Redondo Beach Municipal Code Section 4-24.507(c)). The Ordinance will be effective after August 10, 2018. To report leaf blower violations, please call the Police Communications Center (310) 379-5411.

Prohibition on the use of Motorized Leaf BlowersMore...


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The Police Department wants to PARTNER with you
to Keep our Community Safe and to Prevent Crime.

For more information, please visit the Neighborhood Watch page.

Redondo Beach Police Department Domestic Violence Advocacy Program

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We provide 24/7 assistance to victims and offer a variety of services. For more information or to request free workshops and/or presentations please contact us at: (310) 379-2477 ext. 2336. For emergencies please dial 911
Take action against domestic violence
Help Starts with a Call - If you see something say something