Prosecution Division

The City Prosecutor prosecutes misdemeanor offenses occurring in the City of Redondo Beach arising out of violations of State law or City ordinances; provides information to citizens on prosecution and procedure; files criminal complaints in the Superior Court, Southwest District; represents the People of the State of California in motions, pretrial hearings, court and jury trials; writs and appeals; and advises and trains law enforcement.

In addition, the City Prosecutor's Office coordinates the following specialized Community Prosecution Programs: the Spousal Abuser Prosecution Program; Identity Theft Investigation/ Prosecution Team; Anti-Gang Program; Homeland Security; Habitual Offender Project; Pier Offender Prosecution Program; Public Resource Code Prosecutions; Increased Monitoring of Sex Registrants and Assistance to SEA Laboratory in Redondo Beach.

Since 1994 the Redondo Beach City Prosecutor's Office has strongly supported the concepts of Community Based Policing and Community Prosecution Programs.  A core value of our office is that members of the community should set the focus on what areas of public safety need to be improved.  Please contact our office with your comments, views or suggestions on how to make our city an even safer place in which to live, work and play.  This is your chance to help prioritize prosecution efforts in Redondo Beach. Please take a few minutes to make your voice heard.

Prosecutor Badge


Melanie Chavira
City Prosecutor

City Attorney's Office
City of Redondo Beach
401 Diamond Street
Redondo Beach, CA  90277
(310) 379-2477 extension 2376 (or choose option 6)
(310) 372-0167 fax

Duties of the City Prosecutor

  • Reviews complaints arising from incidents that occur in Redondo Beach from any agency, (i.e., City, County, State, or Federal), seeking misdemeanor filings to determine if a criminal complaint is justified.  This includes those felony arrests referred back to the City Prosecutor's Office from the District Attorney.
  • Prosecutes all criminal cases arising from misdemeanor violations of State law, the City Charter and City ordinances.
  • Renders legal opinions regarding prosecution issues that arise from police department activities.