Redondo Beach Police Department Announces LiveScan Service Available to the Public

Redondo Beach Police Department offers LiveScan electronic fingerprinting to the general public for those needing the service for employment, permits or licensing. LiveScan applicants may request the service at the police department lobby. No appointments are necessary.

The hours of operation for LiveScan service are as follows:

  • Monday - closed
  • Tuesdays – 8 am to 4 pm
  • Wednesday – 8  am to 4 pm
  • Thursday - 8 am to 4 pm
  • Friday – closed
  • Saturdays - closed
  • Sunday – closed

The cost for LiveScan service is $25.00 plus the varying fees as set by the DOJ and the FBI.  These fees can range from $32.00 to as much as $120.00, depending on the level of service requested. The final fee can only be determined at the time of the transaction. When two or more LiveScans are requested for the same person, each transaction will be charged the $25.00 service fee, in addition to the DOJ and FBI fees. Payment must be in the form of cash or personal check only.

The applicant must be in possession of a valid form of government issued photo ID to be fingerprinted.  We will accept valid California driver’s license or ID cards, valid U.S. Passports and valid out-of-state driver’s license or ID cards.

Applicants must bring their completed LiveScan paperwork with them on the date of the LiveScan service.  In the cases where several different LiveScan transactions are requested, a separate form must be completed for each.

Please note that small children cannot be present in the LiveScan service area due to safety and security reasons and the Police Department does not have child care facilities. Therefore, applicants are encouraged not to bring their children with them.
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