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Safety Element Update

The City’s Safety Element, a state-required General Plan element that identifies potential natural and human-created hazards that could affect the City of Redondo Beach’s (City’s) residents, businesses, visitors, and services, is part of the City’s ongoing and continued effort to update its General Plan.

On February 23, 2022, the City’s Public Safety Commission reviewed, discussed, and took any public testimony on the City’s Draft (updated) Safety Element. The Commission provided feedback on the document, and the next step will be consideration by the City Council at a future date to be determined, so stay tuned!

The City’s Safety Element conveys the City’s goals and policies to minimize hazards in and around Redondo Beach. It identifies the natural and human-caused hazards that affect existing and future development, describes how climate change will likely affect these hazards, and sets policies and standards for improved safety and welfare. The Safety Element also seeks to minimize physical harm to the buildings and infrastructure that support the local economic systems, community services, and ecosystems in and around Redondo Beach.

Below are links to the Public Safety Commission Public Meeting Notice, the Public Safety Commission Staff Report and PowerPoint Presentation, and the City’s Draft Safety Element.

Draft Safety Element

Administrative Report Public Safety Commission Feb 23, 2022

PowerPoint Presentation

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