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Take our survey for the Artesia Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP)

Take our survey for the Artesia Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP)

Take the AACAP Survey

The City has launched a survey to gain feedback on the AACAP.  After reviewing the AACAP, please take the survey using the following link:

A Community Meeting to present the AACAP took place on February 27, 2020.  The PowerPoint Presentation is available to view AACAP PowerPoint Presentation February 27, 2020 Community Meeting

In addition to the GPAC’s ongoing work updating of the City’s General Plan, GPAC recently held multiple meetings focused specifically on the revitalization of the Artesia & Aviation Corridors. Since last summer GPAC has reviewed and considered all manner of technical studies concerning parking, traffic/mobility (scooters and bike lanes), economic and market feasibility, design guidelines, façade improvement programs, and neighborhood connectivity in an effort to activate and transform the Artesia & Aviation Corridors. The results of GPAC’s work is captured in the Draft Artesia & Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP) and it’s ready for your consideration and input.

Come to learn more about the Draft Artesia & Aviation Corridors Area Plan, participate in an Area Plan survey, provide public comment, speak one-on-one with project team members, and discuss ideas with fellow community members. Topics to be covered include: Overview of the process to date; Issues and opportunities facing the revitalization of the Corridors in the next twenty years; Overview of the Draft Area Plan’s strategies for placemaking, mobility enhancements, funding mechanisms, and the implementation of the Area Plan.

Please visit the link above to review the draft Area Plan. To explore the work effort and support documents that informed the GPAC concerning the Artesia & Aviation Corridors please visit, Meeting Materials and Agendas on the left side of this page.

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Artesia Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP)

Artesia Boulevard has historically served as a primary commerce center and commercial corridor for locals in North Redondo and is supported by smaller-scale, local-serving retail and service commercial uses along Aviation Boulevard. Once a bustling area of successful businesses, the Corridors currently consist of a mix of marginal businesses with a few intermittent, thriving businesses.

In recent years, other areas of the City (such as Riviera Village and the recently approved Galleria project down the street) have undergone revitalization and enhancement that made them unique experiences or special destinations in Redondo Beach. The Artesia and Aviation Corridors have not experienced that same level of reinvestment and transition (planned or realized), and the residents and local merchants have expressed a desire to see the Corridors thrive once again. In addition to a desire for new businesses and restaurants, the community has also expressed a desire for physical, placemaking enhancements such as outdoor dining, pedestrian improvements (benches, landscaping, crosswalk improvements), connectivity to surrounding neighborhoods, and new gathering spaces to create place and character in this area of town.

The City has invested resources to conduct working groups over the past several years to examine the opportunities to revitalize and transform the two Corridors into the “Main Street of North Redondo.” These groups have focused on ways to make the Corridors physically attractive, well maintained, and safe. The Artesia Boulevard Vitalization Strategy (2013) and the City Manager’s Artesia/Aviation Revitalization Committee (2018) were outreach efforts that engaged community experts and community partners such as the North Redondo Beach Business Association to gather input and identify priorities for action in the Corridors. These groups addressed things such as funding, branding, promoting, and designing the Corridors (see text box on the following page). The Revitalization Committee had also recommended exploring the introduction of residential use into the Corridors as part of the General Plan update process.

The most recent effort to move forward with improvements to the Aviation and Artesia Corridors was initiated in 2018 when the City Council authorized the preparation of the Artesia and Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP) to provide more focused policy and placemaking guidance to one of the city’s most prominent and travelled east-west Corridors. The AACAP effort was rolled into the General Plan Advisory Committee’s (GPAC’s) ongoing efforts and was informed by:

  • An existing land use analysis, including a detailed, lot-by-lot review of the land uses currently operating with the AACAP.
  • A parking utilization study that included counts of all existing private and public parking within the AACAP.
  • A focused economic feasibility study that built off a previous citywide analysis; further examined what types of uses and development intensities along Artesia Boulevard would result in financially feasible development projects; and identified the specific challenges and opportunities associated with redevelopment in the AACAP.
  • Four focused meetings of the General Plan Advisory Committee to discuss the AACAP, its land uses, and revitalization.

This document captures the recommendations of previous efforts as well as the analysis and discussions conducted in the development of this plan to define a number of strategies and implementable actions that will guide the revitalization of the Aviation and Artesia Corridors.

We ask members of the public to please review the document by clicking on any of the links embedded in this summary, and provide feedback and comments. Comments can be submitted by email to

Draft Artesia Aviation Corridors Area Plan (AACAP)

PowerPoint Presentation from AACAP Community Meeting February 27, 2020

The City has launched a survey to gain feedback on the AACAP.  Please take the survey using the following link: