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Redondo Beach Transit Center

Redondo Beach Transit Center General  

The Redondo Beach Transit Center (RBTC) replaces the existing Transit Center at the South Bay Galleria to create a modernized multimodal transportation facility.  The RBTC’s intent is to improve regional mobility, linking Beach Cities Transit with other regional transit providers such as Los Angeles Metro, Torrance Transit, GTrans, and Lawndale Transit, along with pedestrian and bicycle access to these services.   A regional map of bus services can be viewed, by clicking here

Transit Bays/Bus Locations  

The RBTC transit terminal includes 11 bus bays. Five transit agencies will serve the RBTC: Beach Cities Transit Line 102, GTrans 3, Lawndale Beat, Los Angeles Metro 40, 210, 211, and Torrance Transit 2. A copy of the bus bays can be viewed, by clicking here. 

Transit Center Elements 

The RBTC  is located at 1521 Kingsdale Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 .  Transit Center elements includes multimodal amenities and services for transit passengers as well as transit provider operators. RBTC public parking is available at 1519 Kingsdale Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. 

  • Transit terminal area includes 11 bus bays 
  • Transit ticket vending machine (TVM) 
  • Pedestrian access with signalized crosswalks at bus only entrance/exit 
  • Passenger waiting area and public bathrooms 
  • Parking lot with 320 parking spaces, entrance at 1519 Kingsdale Avenue 
  • Pick Up & Drop Off area with short-term parking for 13 vehicles
  • Bicycle storage lockers for 12 bikes
  • Security services, and cameras (CCTV system)  
  • Operator layover amenities 


 Project History and Timeline 

The City of Redondo Beach began the strategic planning process for a new transit center in early 2000. In 2007 the planning, design and preliminary funding were approved by the City Council and Planning Commission. The construction phase was initiated in 2020 and will be completed by 2023. 


 Transit Center Climate Change Initiative 

Redondo Beach meets state-wide goals to reduce single occupancy vehicles and greenhouse gas emissions.   


 Project Funding 

The $15 million Transit Center project was funded, in part by federal and local Transit dollars from the Federal Transit Administration, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Call For Projects Funds, South Bay Regional Measure R Funds, and City of Redondo Beach Proposition C, and Measure R and Measure M Local Return Transit Funds.   



The City would like to recognize past and present Mayors, City Councils and Commissions as well as local and regional agencies for their contribution to the Redondo Beach Transit Center. 


 City of Redondo Beach Services Contact

The City of Redondo Beach operates the RBTC.   Transit services are also provided by the City’s Beach Cities Transit (BCT) and the WAVE Dial A Ride.   A copy of Beach Cities Transit System Map can be viewed, by clicking here.


Redondo Beach Transit Center Bicycle Lockers

The City of Redondo Beach will offer bicycle locker storage at the Redondo Beach Transit Center (RBTC). The Redondo Beach Transit Center, located at 1521 Kingsdale Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, has twelve (12) bicycle lockers in the lower level parking lot. Bike lockers are fully enclosed to protect your bike from the elements. Register for a bike locker here.