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ADA and Accessibility

ADA and Accessibility

General Service Policies

As a public transportation provider, the City of Redondo Beach must comply with the Provision of Service policies set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The following policies apply to Beach Cities Transit fixed route and WAVE demand responsive services:

  • All wheelchairs and other mobility devices and their users shall be transported in BCT/WAVE vehicles so long as they can be boarded, secured and transported safely but will only be permitted to ride in designated securement locations;
  • BCT/WAVE will provide securement systems for wheelchairs and other mobility devices and individuals using a wheelchair or mobility device must permit his or her wheelchair or mobility device to be secured;
  • Where necessary or upon request, BCT/WAVE operators shall assist individuals with disabilities with the use of securement systems;
  • BCT/WAVE shall permit individuals with disabilities who do not use wheelchairs, including standees, to use the vehicle’s passenger ramp;
  • On BCT fixed route services, operators of those services shall announce major bus stops; transfer points to other transit services, other major intersections and destination points, and at intervals along each route;
  • Service animals shall be permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities in BCT/WAVE vehicles;
  • BCT/WAVE information materials shall be made available in accessible formats and technologies;
  • BCT/WAVE shall not refuse to permit a passenger who uses a ramp to disembark from a vehicle at any designated stop, unless the ramp cannot be deployed, the ramp will be damaged if deployed, or temporary conditions at the stop, not under the control of the City of Redondo Beach or its transit partners, preclude the safe use of the stop by all passengers;
  • Individuals with disabilities may travel with a respirator or portable oxygen supply;
  • Adequate time shall be provided to allow individuals with disabilities to complete boarding or disembarking from the vehicle; and
  • On BCT/WAVE front of the vehicle shall be designated and marked as priority seating for persons with disabilities. Passengers sitting in such designated seating and in any fold-down seating over securement positions who are not disabled will be requested to relocate when a person with a disability or a person using a wheelchair or other mobility device needs to use this seating or the securement position.

Beach Cities Transit (BCT) is committed to ensuring quality and equitable treatment for our residents.  Any person who believes there may be either an accessibility issue (e.g., physical barriers) or discrimination based on disability, may file a complaint utilizing the form below.  The complaint must be filed within 180 days of the alleged accessibility issue or discrimination.  The following information is necessary to assist us in processing your complaint.  Should you require any assistance in completing this form, please contact the Transit Operations and Transportation Facilities Manager at 310-318-0610, ext. 2670.  
 Please complete and return this form to City of Redondo Beach, 415 Diamond Street, Door 2, Redondo Beach, California 90277 or email to

ADA Complaint Form

49 CFR Part 37, Subpart G

City of Redondo Beach
Beach Cities Transit
Reasonable Modification for ADA

Reasonable Modification for ADA
The Department of Transportation is revising its rules under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (section 504) specifically to provide that transportation entities are required to make reasonable modifications/accommodations to policies, practices, and procedures to avoid discrimination and ensure that their programs are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The City of Redondo Beach, in operation of Beach Cities Transit fixed route services and the WAVE Dial-A-Ride, will make reasonable modifications in policies, practices, or procedures when the modifications are necessary to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability or to provide program accessibility to these services, subject to the following limitations:

(1) Granting the request would fundamentally alter the nature of the City's services, programs, or activities;
(2) Granting the request would create a direct threat to the health or safety of others;
(3) Without the requested modification, the individual with a disability is able to fully use the City's services, programs, or activities for their intended purpose.

Please click on Reasonable Modification Policy for information on the City of Redondo Beach, Beach Cities Transit, Reasonable Modification Policy.

49 CFR Part 37, Section 37.5 Nondiscrimination