Large Parties Rules

Applications & Forms  --  Insurance Requirements  --  Times & Rates

At this time we are not taking reservations for the 2021 season. 

The Seaside Lagoon is available for large parties and special events.  

  • Reservations are only made by calling the Seaside Lagoon
    Administrative offices at (310) 318-0680.  
  • Reservations may be made up to one year in advance. 
  • Payment is due at the time reservation is made. 
  • No refunds or date exchanges once payment has been made.

When renting the Seaside Lagoon from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor day and weekends through September that we are open to the public and you are reserving only the Luau Shelter area for your event.  However Evenings, the lagoon can be reserved exclusively for your event. ** No Swimming / water use for events before Memorial Day or After Labor Day.

If you wish to use the tables and chairs and kitchen area, there is an additional fee  - You put tables out - You clean and put away.

  • All parties must pay the nonrefundable minimum charge 72 hours after a reservation has been made.
  • Parties are nonrefundable and non changeable once a reservation has been made and payment received.
  • Parking at Seaside Lagoon is $2.00 per hour with a max of $6.00 per car and $12.00 per bus, with validation from the lagoon office.
  • Parents are responsible for their own children and should always be watching them in and around the water
  • Tables and chairs are set up put away by the renter

Included in basic fee:

  • Lifeguard supervision
  • Saltwater pool**
  • Small water slides**
  • One (1) volleyball court (No Ball)
  • Children's playground and pool area
  • Clean restrooms, showers and dressing areas
  • Luau Shelter with barbecue and radiant heaters. (No Personal Barbecues Permitted in Seaside Lagoon)

Additional fees:

  • Tables & Chairs (for 150 people)
  • Kitchen area
  • Additional Guests
  • Any required security personal
  • You will be given and invoice at the end of your event with all additional fees

Before sending anything, please check the following:

  • Is your application filled out completely and signed?
  • Is your check made out to the City of Redondo Beach?
  • Is your certificate of insurance done correctly? Only original certificates will be accepted (no faxed copies), and must be marked "Attn: Seaside Lagoon" as well as include the date of the party and reservation number.


  • Rental time is six hours minimum per single party. Groups requiring extensive set-up time prior to the time frames described will incur an extra charge of $100.00 per hour, if time allows. And must request extra time when reservation is made.
  • Groups must arrive within one hour of time specified or the reservation will be canceled and all fees forfeited.
  • Doors will be opened at the time stated in the Party Rate Schedule.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, only the time stated on approved application will be granted for set-up and/or activity.
  • Party ending time is the time by which clean-up must be completed and your group out of the gate. (Group will be charged an overtime fee of $75.00 per hour for any time spent exceeding closing time).


  • Ensure that all decorations are removed.
  • Ensure all tables and chairs are stored away properly.
  • Deposit all trash in containers.
  • Ensure that the park is left in a clean and orderly condition.
  • Clean the sink, stove, tables, floors and any other equipment used.
  • Check with staff to see that everything is in order prior to leaving the premises.
  • If Seaside Lagoon is not left as you found it and additional cleaning is necessary you will be billed at a rate of $72.86 per hour.

At least one adult chaperone for every eight minors must be present during the entire time the party is in progress.

Certain private parties may require a security officer. The Seaside Lagoon Manager and the Redondo Beach Police Department will decide whether such security is required as part of the application review.   All security costs will be paid for by the applicant.

The supervising lifeguard is available at the start of the reservation time. This person will open gates, check out party facility equipment and provide general assistance; however, the lifeguard's primary responsibility is to assure the maximum safety of the pool patrons and he/she should not be relied upon for security or maintenance purposes. At clean-up time, the supervising lifeguard will evaluate the group's use of the facility and recommend a cleaning fee assessment to be forwarded to the Community Services Department.


  • There shall be NO ALCOHOL at the Seaside Lagoon during the hours Seaside Lagoon is open to the general public 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day, then weekends through the end of September .
  • No outside barbecues allowed.
  • Any Approved Noise AMPLIFICATION, INCLUDING MICROPHONES FOR VOICE AMPLIFICATION, MUST CEASE AT 9:00 P.M. Violation of 4-32.03 of the Redondo Beach Municipal Code can be ticketed in the amount of $98.00.
  • There shall be NO SWIMMING after sundown. (Or until the Supervising Lifeguards deems it unsafe.)
  • There shall be NO SWIMMING FOR ANYONE once alcohol is served.
  • Seaside Lagoon is to be used as a recreational facility only, and not by an individual, club or organization for means of making a profit.
  • Private Functions held at the Seaside Lagoon, are not open to the general public and should not be advertised as such.
  • The person responsible for the party should check in with the Lifeguard Supervisor at the beginning and again at the end of the party to inspect the facility.
  • All guests, caterers, deejays, etc. must be out of the Lagoon by the indicated closing time or an overtime fee will be charged.
  • Music is restricted to the Luau Shelter area of Seaside Lagoon and amplification, if any, is to be such that noise is not audible outside of the park area.
  • The Lifeguard Supervisor will have final approval on placement of speakers. Use of public address system is at the sole discretion of the Lifeguard Supervisor. LIVE BANDS WITH AMPLIFICATION ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • If alcohol is to be sold or consumed, an Alcoholic Beverage Permit must be applied for and obtained in advance from the City.
  • For reasons of safety, absolutely no glass containers are allowed.
  • Parents are responsible for supervising the activities of their children.
  • Patrons are responsible for set-up of tables and chairs. At conclusion of party, they must be put back the way they were found.
  • Any picnic tables moved by patrons must be returned to original positions.
  • No trash is to be left on lawns by patrons.
  • Kitchen and sink area must be left in the same condition as found.
  • In general, the area should be left in the same condition as found. Patrons not following these rules may be refused future rental of the Seaside Lagoon and will be billed for staff time for any clean-up left undone.
  • The Seaside Lagoon Manager or the designated representative must approve all applications for day or night parties.
  • The Community Services Department reserves the right to reject any activity which, in its judgment, would overextend the park's capability and/or be detrimental to the public safety and welfare.
  • No Smoking at any time at Seaside Lagoon Ordinance No. 3029-08 Prohibits smoking in Beaches and Recreational areas.