Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

As a result of a ruling by the California Supreme Court, Redevelopment Agencies and their associated funding were eliminated statewide as of February 1, 2012.  The elimination of Redevelopment funding, combined with simultaneous reductions in federally funded Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Section 8 housing assistance programs, has resulted in the loss of over $1,000,000 in annual funding which the City of Redondo Beach had relied upon in the past to provide a variety of improvement programs.  

In response to this funding crisis, the City of Redondo Beach reduced staffing and eliminated the following programs and activities:

Deferred Payment Loan Program – A low interest home improvement loan program for qualifying low income homeowners – ended February 1, 2012;

Handyperson Program – Less extensive home repairs for qualifying low income homeowners – ended February 1, 2012;

Commercial Rehabilitation Program – a shared funding program for storefronts – ended February 1, 2012.

The end of these long-standing assistance programs was unavoidable due to the severity and the immediacy of the funding reductions  --  cities were required to take action by the State imposed  deadline of February 1, 2012.

Through the CDBG Program, the City will continue to support the Mobility Access/Emergency Repair Program for Redondo Beach residents. This program provides emergency home repairs to low-income and disabled Redondo Beach homeowners. Under the Mobility Access component, the Program provides special repairs for disabled homeowners. Such repairs include installation of grab bars and access ramps. Under the Emergency Repair component, the program provides eligible homeowners with critical health and safety repairs. Such repairs are restricted to electrical issues, plumbing issues, heating issues, and replacement of hot water heaters. A total grant up to $5,000 is available on an individual need basis and program guidelines. Please download the FLYER and APPLICATION for more information. Contact Joyce Lee for any questions regarding this Program via phone at (562) 753-2832 or via email to Joyce Lee.

Condominium Owners

There are two federal programs available for rehabilitation of properties, including condominiums, where HUD insures the loans through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) -approved lending institutions.  The programs are the Section 203(k) Program and the Title I Program.  A list of approved lenders for each program and information is available from HUD by calling 1-800-767-7468.