Traffic Signals

Traffic Signals in the City of Redondo Beach are the responsibility of the City (maintained by a contractor), California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) and the County of Los Angeles.

Listed below are the streets and the entity responsible for their repair:

Street MaintenanceLos Angeles County Maintained Traffic Signals
(626) 458-4357

  • Artesia Boulevard
  • Aviation at Manhattan Beach Boulevard  
  • Aviation at Marine
  • Aviation at Robinson
  • Inglewood Avenue at Manhattan Beach Boulevard
  • Inglewood Avenue at Marine
  • Inglewood Avenue at Robinson/166th Street 
  • Inglewood Avenue at 153rd Street/152nd Street 
  • Marine at Aviation Boulevard
  • Marine at Gate 4/Doolittle(Simon Ramo) 
  • Marine at Redondo Beach Avenue

CalTrans Maintained Traffic Signals
(323) 259-2353

All Signals Located on the following streets:

  • Hawthorne Boulevard
  • Pacific Coast Highway

All other signals are the responsibility of the City of Redondo Beach. If you are experiencing a problem with a signal within the City, please call the Public Works Department at (310) 318-0686 extension 4147 or use the Customer Service Center included in this Web site.

Please visit our online Access Redondo select the maintenance tab to send requests or complaints directly to the Public Works staff who will assist you. Thank you!

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