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How do I request :

  1. Stop Signs
  2. Red Curb
  3. Residential Accessible Parking Petition Form
  4. Residential Permit Parking
  5. Residential Time Limit Parking

Want to see traffic volumes?

Please visit Traffic Volumes. Here you will find the volume of traffic on many of the Collectors and Arterials within the City of Redondo Beach.

Want to get a head start on traffic or to see where construction projects affecting traffic are in the City?

For current traffic conditions on L.A. Highways or to access the Traffic Alert System please visit Traffic Impacts & Conditions.

Cars speeding through your neighborhoods or intersections? Do you feel too many cars travel down your street?

The Engineering Services Division may have a solution for you. Please read through the various City policies on traffic/parking related issues in our Traffic Calming Tools and Devices Report for Residential Streets. Please note: for speed cushions, Phases I and II must be completed before a petition will be accepted by Engineering Services. For more information, see the Policy for the Installation of Speed Cushions.

The City of Redondo Beach welcomes your concerns and will provide studies based on your complaints. You may forward input from residents and neighborhoods regarding these and many other traffic related complaints to the City. Please direct inquiries to the Traffic Engineering Department, by mail to: P.O. Box 270, Redondo Beach, CA 90277, or via the Comcate service at