Forms and Permits


Engineering Permit (PDF) is required when one of the following activities occurs within the public right-of-way. The Engineering Permit Guidelines (PDF) are also available online.
Who can pull Public Works Engineering Permits(PDF)?

  • Drainage Systems including Storm Drains, Curb Drains, Parkway Drains, Drain Replacement, Drain Repair, Catch Basins, Local Depressions, and all drain-pertaining facilities.
  • Encroachment including Scaffolding, Temporary Storage of Construction Materials, Temporary Use & Storage of Construction Equipment and Temporary Water Hoses. If Planning Department approves, pursuant to sections 10-2.1532, an Encroachment permit can be issued by Engineering for Unhitched Trailers, Temporary Storage Containers, Temporary Signs, and all other Temporary Structures.
  • Road Construction including Asphalt Pavement, Concrete Pavement, Sidewalks, Driveways, Curb & Gutter, ADA Ramps, Parkway & Median Landscaping, Lighting Standards, and Traffic Signals.
  • Roll-offs/Storage including various trash dumpsters.
  • Sewer Systems including New Sewers, Sewer Replacement, Sewer Repair, Sewer Clean Outs, Manholes, and all sewer-pertaining facilities.
  • Sidewalk Dining - for use of City sidewalk for restaurant dining tables and chairs.
    COVID Update: Fees for sidewalk dining permit are temporarily waived
  • Telecommunications - provided that a License Agreement with the City has been executed prior to applying for the permit.

    (Posted on: December 1, 2020) 
    The City of Redondo Beach will be closed for business operations in observance of the holiday season during the following period: DECEMBER 23, 2020 THROUGH JANUARY 4, 2021.

    Additionally, because of the holiday closure, in order to comply with the City's obligation to timely process wireless applications under the State and federal 'Shot Clock' rules, wireless siting applications will be received during normal submittal days and hours as published by the City up to the end of the business day on December 7, 2020. This date allows the City to timely conduct its initial wireless application reviews prior to the end-of-year holiday closures and properly account for diminished staffing levels during the holidays. The City will resume normal wireless applications acceptance
     processes starting January 4, 2021, subject to the usual City days and times for wireless siting applications.

  • Wells including Injection Wells, Monitoring Wells and Cathodic Protection Wells.

Transportation Permit (PDF) is required for the below activities. Download the Transportation Permit Guidelines (PDF) for additional information.

  • Transportation of an Oversize Load/Vehicle and/or,
  • Transportation of an Overweight Load/Vehicle.

In addition to an Engineering Permit and Inspection, a License Agreement is also required for the following:

  • Landscape & Hardscape including Planters, Trees, Arbors, Decorative Rockwork, Decorative Curbs, Garden Walls and Fences.
  • Canopies. 
  • Decorative Lighting.
  • Permanent Signs.
  • Vending Machines.
  • Telecommunications Facilities.
  • Non-Franchised Utilities.
  • Permanent Structures.