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Preparing for El Nino

Lightning Strike

Many Southern California cities are preparing for the 95% chance that El Nino conditions will arrive during the upcoming 2015-2016 winter season. The heavy rains and stormy conditions that are being predicted could potentially cause problems such as flooding, land erosion, debris and pollution in beaches and harbors, and structural damage to private and public property.

Visit the Preparation Measure for Residents page for a complete list of preparations and to download a PDF list. Boaters, be sure to check out the Harbor and Dock Preparations page for more preparation methods. More information, including road closures, weather forecast, live rainfall, and information on affected homeowners can be found on the LA County LA Rain web page.

City of Redondo Beach Preparations

The City of Redondo Beach is in the process of implementing the following precautionary measures to limit damage and infrastructure loss:

  • Sewer line and catch basin cleaning
  • Generator and emergency pumps testing
  • Coordinating with Athens Services for storm debris removal
  • Inspecting City owned properties for roofing issues, debris clearing and drain cleaning
  • Identifying and preparing maps of possible flooding areas
  • Trimming trees libs and identifying distressed and potentially hazardous trees due to recent drought conditions
  • Procurement of additional safety equipment and supplies such as sandbags, barricades and flashers, traffic control devices, street warning signs and temporary lighting
  • Implementing of public sandbag pickup stations at the following locations
    • Public Works Yard - 504 N Gertruda Avenue
    • Fire Station 2 - 2400 Grant Avenue
  • Preparing City staff for on-call procedures and callout availability during storm activities

The City of Redondo Beach will work in partnership with neighboring cities and other mutual aid agencies as stipulated by activation of the City’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or at the direction of the City Manager.

Preparation Measures for Residents

Block Storm Drain

The City suggests that residents consider the following storm preparedness measures:

  • Trim and prune trees and foliage around structures
  • Clean and inspect rain gutters for proper drainage
  • Clean and inspect drains and sump pumps for proper operation
  • Inspect roofs and chimney for possible leaks
  • Inspect property exteriors for potential flooding areas
  • Review insurance for adequate flood damage coverage
  • Review proper sandbag placement (see Preparation Measure for Residents and the LA County Public Works Emergency Preparation page)
  • Boaters visit the Harbor and Dock Preparations page for more preparation methods
  • Inspect and re-supply earthquake preparedness kits and ensure they are stored in safe, dry places
  • Establish or review an emergency evacuation plan
  • Download and review the Emergency Checklist (PDF)

Visit the Preparation Measure for Residents page for a complete list of preparations and to download a PDF list. As with all emergencies, stay informed through radio and television announcements and use of cell phone applications.