Criminal History Information

Adult Criminal History Information

  • Adults wishing to check their own record for current and/or active wants and warrants may come to the Redondo Beach Police Station with valid photo ID for assistance. This information cannot be provided over the phone. 
  • Adults wishing to check their own historical criminal history must contact the California Office of the Attorney General directly. More information about that process can be found here.  

Sealing of Adult Criminal & Arrest Records 

  • California Penal Code 851.8 allows for arrest records to be sealed under limited circumstances. If you believe your Redondo Beach Police arrest record is eligible for sealing, you may fill out and submit CA Form 8270 to the RBPD Records Manager.

Juvenile Criminal History Information

  • The release of information about a juvenile in a police crime or incident report is strictly controlled by the courts and is codified in California State Law. The Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court will determine what information may be released and to whom. Law enforcement agencies, school district police, Child Protective Services, the DMV, and attorneys representing involved juveniles may typically receive juvenile records. A juveniles parents may receive a copy of certain types of reports. 
  • If you are eligible to receive juvenile records, you may fill out California Courts Form JV-575, along with the RBPD Report Request Form and submit for review. 

Sealing of Juvenile Criminal & Arrest Records 

  • California Welfare and Institutions Code 781 allows for the sealing and eventual destruction of juvenile records. To request the sealing of juvenile records, contact the Sealing Clerk at the Los Angeles County Clerk's Office at 1601 Eastlake Ave, Los Angeles CA.
  • Forms are available at all Juvenile Court locations and should be turned in directly to the court. If the petition is granted, the courts will notify RBPD directly and the records will be sealed and held for five (5) years. After five years, the records will be destroyed in accordance with WIC 781 and the RBPD document retention policy.