Domestic Violence Team

Our Program is committed to providing emergency assistance to domestic violence victims. The goal is to educate families about the cycle of violence, to assist the victim to connect with community resources and to refer the batterer to programs aimed at gaining the skills to live a life free of rage, power and control. The advocacy team made up of volunteers from the community who are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. These specially trained volunteers are able to respond to every secured domestic violence scene. Advocates roll into action as an emergency response team to offer support and to educate victims about the cycle of violence.

Violence within a family is about power and control. It is not about a one time incident when one person loses their temper and acts out their frustration on another. Violence in intimate relationships is about one person having power over another persons movements, choices, thoughts and feelings. The person tries to maintain control by keeping another person emotionally, financially, and geographically dependent upon them. Many times alcohol and drugs play a big part in this cycle of behavior.

The victims in these situations live in fear. Fear of doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong words, embarrassing their partner, feeling they are not good enough. They may make excuses for their partners behavior, and tell half truths or complete lies to friends and family members. They feel tremendous shame and guilt which keeps them from reaching out and asking for help.

If this situation feels familiar, or someone is hurting you and you need information or help, call us at (310) 379-2477 ext. 1-2336. All calls are confidential. We also have a source for low cost counseling for those who are in a violent relationship. You do not have to wait for the worst.