Crime Information

The Redondo Beach Police Department provides crime data and incident information to the public in several formats. You may go to Crime Statistics to view detailed crime data for annual, monthly and weekly time periods. You may view periodic Community Bulletins to determine current crime trends in the community. The Recent Law Enforcement Events in the News Flash section of the website have descriptive information about weekly police response events.

The Redondo Beach Police Department's interactive Crime and Incident Activity Maps allows you to choose crime and incident events reported to the police department relative to addresses, intersections, schools, parks, police patrol areas or other geographic points and areas of interest for past time periods of one to ninety days. All events reported to the police department are not crimes. Reported incidents may include lost property, found property, repossessed/impounded/stored vehicles, missing persons, and other non-criminal events. The locations of incidents portrayed on the maps are approximate. To view these maps and to print summary reports and map images, click the link below:

Crime and Incident Activity Maps