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Business / Residential Inspection Fee


Dear Business Owner: The Redondo Beach Fire Department began mailing the postcard above at the beginning of January 2018 to all business owners in the city informing them of the fire department’s new business inspection program effective February 1, 2018. For additional information regarding the program, please see below. 

The City of Redondo Beach Fire Department conducts annual fire and life safety inspections at all commercial and residential (3+ units) occupancies within the city limits of Redondo Beach. These inspections are required under the tenets of the California Fire Code and the adopted Redondo Beach Fire Code.  These mandatory inspections lessen the threat of hostile fires to the business and residential community, and help ensure the protection of our residents, visitors and business owners. Redondo Beach Fire Department inspectors perform all inspections.

In order to continue to provide this essential service to our community, City Council has approved the institution of inspection fees*.  The fees’ purpose is to recover the costs of providing these services and will be effective February 1, 2018.

The fee for the initial inspection is $113.50. If the time needed to complete the inspection exceeds one hour, $95.00 will be charged for every hour of inspection time thereafter. Violations found during the initial inspection will require correction and will be subject to re-inspection. There is no additional charge for the first re-inspection, providing that the violations have been corrected. Re-inspections for second and subsequent visits will be charged $123.00.

The Redondo Beach Fire Department would like to thank all business owners and property managers for their assistance with this very important public safety program.

*(Pursuant to Resolution No. CC-1706-155)

Inspection Program Highlights:

Only Redondo Beach Fire Department Inspectors will conduct these inspections.

The City of Redondo Beach has contracted with two outside vendors to provide electronic fire inspection reporting and invoicing. Inspection notices and invoices will be electronically delivered and tracked to the email address you provide to our inspectors.

Inspection notices will come to you from:

Invoices and receipts will come from:

You will have the option of several payment methods. Please follow the instructions provided in your emailed invoice.


For invoicing and payment inquiries, you may contact Fire Recovery USA at (888) 640-7222, ext. 117.

For inspection and code inquiries, you may contact the Redondo Beach Fire Marshal’s Office by email at or by calling (310)318-0663, ext. 4338.





Dear Resident/Business owner/Property owner:

We have sent out the following (see below) postcards to residences (3 plus units) and businesses throughout the City of Redondo Beach. If you have received one and you are not the property owner/property manager or HOA Representative for the noted location, please help us by providing the appropriate person with this information. This postcard was sent only to note a new fee for the Annual Fire Inspections the Fire Department performs.  These are typically not scheduled inspections and the Fire Department is not required to enter into every apartment or condo to complete it. The Fire Department is looking into the common areas of your buildings and may confirm with the property owner that there are smoke and or CO alarms when needed. Thank you for your patience as the Fire Department rolls out a new system for our annual fire and life safety inspections.