General Plan Advisory Committee

Role of General Plan Advisory Committee

The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) is an ad hoc committee established by the Mayor and City Council to update the City’s General Plan. The GPAC serves as an important component of the public participation program providing one of the primary communication channels for the community to make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Committee members will participate in a series of meetings to help shape the plan by providing informed and innovative input to the project team. GPAC meetings are intended to build knowledge, trust and understanding of the plan's purpose, process and potential effects.

Participation by members appointed to the GPAC is temporary; the roles and responsibilities of its members will terminate with City Council Adoption of the General Plan, which is anticipated to occur in approximately 30 months.

Purpose of the GPAC

The purpose of the GPAC is to provide recommendations to City Staff and to the consultant team regarding strategic milestones in the process (Land Use Plan, Focus Areas, etc.) and to assist in the formation of City goals and policies with respect to land use and conservation, recreation and parks, and open space. Another crucial function of the GPAC for this project is to analyze and make recommendations regarding amendments to the mixed use zoning and development standards.


What do people say they want their City to be in the future? What physical form and character should be achieved? How can this be translated into a set of compatible, consistent, short and long-range City goals, objectives, and policies? The GPAC can help make these goals and policies a part of the decision-making process through it’s recommendations, recognizing that the final determination ultimately rests with City Council.

GPAC Members

The Mayor and City Council nominated each appointment to GPAC. All GPAC members must reside within the City of Redondo Beach.


Nick Biro, Chair

Bhuvan Bajaj

Leslie Chrzan

Howard Eller

Craig Funabashi

Rob Gaddis

Jennifer Glad

Jim Hannon

Kiran Hashmi

Sam Kartounian

Matt Kilroy

Sheila Lamb

Jim Light

Sue Ludwig

Tonya McKenzie

Paul Moses

Candace Nafissi

Bob Pinzler

Paul Samaras

Phil Sanchez, Vice-Chair

John Simpson

Eugene Solomon

Matt Stodder

Charlie Szymanski

Sybilla Turner

Chris Voisey

Brad Waller