Waterfront Project

Waterfront Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)
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Chapter 3 Modifications to DEIR

Volume 2 of 2 - Agency Letters and Public Comments

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Draft Environmental Impact Report

Draft Environmental Impact Report Executive Summary (PDF) (16.1 MB)

Chapter 1 Introduction (840 KB)

Chapter 2 Project Description (150 MB)

Chapter 3 Environmental Analysis
3.0 Introduction (34 KB)
3.1 Aesthetics and Visual Resources (51.5 MB)
3.2 Air Quality (692 KB)
3.3 Biological Resources (822 KB)
3.4 Cultural Resources (2.4 MB)
3.5 Geology and Soils (1.4 MB)
3.6 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (96 KB)
3.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials (663 KB)
3.8 Hydrology and Water Quality (3.7 MB)
3.9 Land Use and Planning (2.6 MB)
3.10 Noise (1.1 MB)
3.11 Public Services (831 KB)
3.12 Recreation (68 MB)
3.13 Traffic and Transportation (211 MB)
3.14 Utilities (17 MB)

Chapter 4 Analysis of Alternatives (8.8 MB)

Chapter 5 Other CEQA Considerations (106 KB)

Chapter 6 References (91 KB)

Chapter 7 List of Preparers (10 KB)

Chapter 8 Acronyms and Abbreviations (72 KB)

Draft Environmental Impact Report Appendices in PDF format

Appendix A: Notice of Preparation/Initial Study/CEQA Scoping Summary Report (35 MB)
Appendix B: NEST Square Footages of Existing Buildings (2.7 MB)
Appendix C1 - 8: Air Quality Modeling Assumption, Calculations, and Output Files (3.3 MB)
Appendix D1: Biological Resources Assessment (4.2 MB)
Appendix D2: California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) Search Results (386 KB)
Appendix D3: National Marine Fisheries Service’s (NMFS’) Guidelines for Overwater Structures (737 KB)
Appendix E1: Archaeological Investigation (752 KB)
Appendix E2: Historic Resources Evaluation Report (7 MB)
Appendix E3: Paleontological Resources Assessment (924 KB)
Appendix F: Preliminary Geotechnical Engineering Report (22 MB)
Appendix G1 - 5: GHG Modeling Assumption, Calculations, and Output Files (900 KB)
Appendix H: Phase I Environmental Assessment (53.4 MB)
Appendix I1: Summary of Hydrology Design Intent (2.6 MB)
Appendix I2: Water Circulation and Water Quality Impacts Memorandum (5.8 MB)
Appendix I3: Sea Level Rise and Wave Uprush Assessment (592 KB)
Appendix J: Noise Calculation Worksheets (237 KB)
Appendix K: Coastal Access Program (13.9 MB)
Appendix L1: Transportation Impact Study (13.9 MB)
Appendix L2: King Harbor Small Craft Traffic Assessment (708 KB)
Appendix M1: Water Supply Assessment (367 KB)
Appendix M2: Will Serve Letters (593 KB)
Appendix N: Alternatives Air Quality and GHG Worksheets (1 MB)
Appendix O: Market Study of the Proposed Waterfront Revitalization Project (1.1 MB)

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