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The City of Redondo Beach's Revised 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element certified by HCD

UPDATE: On September 1, 2022, the CA Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) certified the City of Redondo Beach 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element adopted by City Council on July 5th!

NEW - HCD Certification Letter Redondo Beach 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element September 1, 2022

NEW -   2nd Revision to 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element addressing additional HCD comments from April 12th - Adopted by City Council July 5, 2022, certified by HCD September 1, 2022.

HCD Letter on Revised 6th Cycle Housing Element - April 12, 2022

Revised 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element addressing HCD comments Adopted February 8, 2022

Resolution Adopting Revised 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element February 8, 2022

HCD Comment letter on adopted Draft 6th Cycle 2021-2029 Housing Element - January 5, 2022

Responses to Public Comments

Draft 2021-2029 Housing Element as adopted by City Council on October 5, 2021 (ensure pop-ups are enabled as the document will open in a new window)

Appendix A: Review of Past Accomplishments   Appendix B: Detailed Residential Sites Inventory

Appendix C: Public Participation  Appendix D: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing 

Response to Comments Received on the Draft Housing Element

CA Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) Comment Letter on Redondo Beach Draft Housing Element (9/2/2021) (ensure pop-ups are enabled as the document will open in a new window) 

Final Initial Study/Negative Declaration with Response to Comments (9/10/2021) (ensure pop-ups are enabled as the document will open in a new window)

Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration (ensure pop-ups are enabled as the document will open in a new window)

City Council Agenda Packet October 5, 2021

City Council Public Hearing Notice for October 5, 2021

Planning Commission Public Hearing Administrative Report September 16, 2021 

Planning Commission PowerPoint Presentation September 16, 2021 

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration and Notice of Public Hearing before the Planning Commission

Join us as we look forward to address the City's future housing needs as part of the update of the Housing Element, a key component of the City's General Plan. Click the link at the bottom of this page to review the draft. Participation by all economic segments in the preparation of the Housing Element is important to the City of Redondo Beach and required by State law. This process not only includes residents of the community, but also coordinates participation among local agencies and housing groups, community organizations, and housing sponsors.

To date the City has held multiple General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) meetings, City-wide community meetings, and most recently upwards of six public hearings beginning in April of 2021 with the City’s Planning Commission and City Council that have focused on meeting the City’s future housing needs. This draft Housing Element represents the culmination of the City’s robust efforts over the past few years working closely with the GPAC, the community, local agencies and housing groups, and the City’s appointed and elected officials.

Below is a brief summary of the contents within the City’s Draft Housing Element for the 2021-2029 planning period followed by a link to the draft document.

The Housing Element is concerned with specifically identifying ways in which the housing needs of existing and future resident populations can be met. This Housing Element represents the City of Redondo Beach’s sixth Housing Element update and covers a planning period of October 15, 2021 to October 15, 2029. The Housing Element identifies strategies and programs that focus on:

  • Conserving and improving existing affordable housing;
  • Providing adequate housing sites;
  • Assisting in the development of affordable housing;
  • Removing governmental and other constraints to housing development; and
  • Promoting equal housing opportunities.

An important goal of this element is to preserve the character of existing single-family residential neighborhoods and continue to improve the low, medium, and higher density multi-family residential neighborhoods. Diversity in the types of housing in the City is necessary to accommodate a population with varying socioeconomic needs. This Housing Element provides policies and programs to address these issues. The Redondo Beach Housing Element consists of the following major components:

Introduction: An overview of the purpose and contents of the Housing Element (Section 1).

Housing Needs Assessment: An analysis of the demographic and housing characteristics and trends (Section 2).

Housing Constraints: A review of potential market, governmental, and environmental constraints to meeting the identified housing needs (Section 3).

Housing Resources: An evaluation of resources available to address housing goals (Section 4).

Review of Past Accomplishments: An evaluation of accomplishments under the adopted Housing Element (Section 5).

Housing Plan: A statement of the Housing Plan to address the identified housing needs, including housing goals, policies and programs (Section 6).

Click on the links below to view the Draft Housing Element and appendices.

The Draft Housing Element reflects residential land use changes that were adopted by City Council in their consideration of the overall Land Use Element update which is part of the concurrent General Plan Update (www.redondo.org/PLANredondo).  Click on the links to view the City Council adopted Draft Land Use Plan Map (adopted by City Council May 18, 2021) and Draft Land Use Categories


The City is accepting comments by mail or email.  Submit your written comments to either:

RBHousingElement@redondo.org ; or

City of Redondo Beach Planning Division 415 Diamond St. Redondo Beach, CA 90277


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