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Heritage Court

In the late 1980s the City of Redondo Beach approved the concept of creating Heritage Court within Dominquez Park, a large park in the middle of the City, with panoramic views from its hilltop location.

Heritage Court located at 302 Flagler Lane is home to the Queen Anne Cottage [circa 1904, Redondo City Landmark Number 5].   After relocation and an adaptive reuse project, the Cottage now serves as the City's Historical Museum, under the direction of the Redondo Beach Historical Commission.  In 1994 the City constructed an addition, designed by 30th Street Architects, to the rear portion of the building.  Its original parlor, dining room, and kitchen now serve as display areas, and the original two bedrooms serve as staff areas.  The new wing provides needed display area and disabled access, and compliments the original building.

To the south of the Museum is an open grass covered space in the shape of a traditional commons area.  In 1998, the City created a rose garden, including a central fountain and several park benches.  Historic streetlight standards are located around the buildings.  To the west of the Museum, additional open space remains that potentially could be used for another relocated historical building.

rb landmark 4 - morrell house

Originally constructed in 1906 on Catalina Avenue just north of Diamond Street, the Morrell House [Redondo City Landmark Number 4] is a combination of Queen Anne and Craftsman detailing.  Facing demolition in 1989, a joint effort saved this residence.  The developer donated the building, the City allocated a place in Dominquez Park and constructed the new foundation, and the Redondo Beach Historical Society contributed to the moving of the home up the hill to its place in Heritage Court.  Today the Historical Society continues to raise contributions and manages an ongoing refurbishment effort.  Since 1990 volunteers have spent thousands of hours restoring the home.

Dominguez Park is located at 190th Street and Flagler Lane.