Incentives Program

Do you own a great old building in Redondo Beach?   Are you interested in incentives that can help you restore and maintain your building?  Our Mills Act Program can help by allowing qualifying owners to use a portion of their property taxes to maintain their building.   Income-producing National Register properties are eligible for tax incentives.

Mills Act
The Mills Act is a state tax incentive law that allows cities to enter into contracts with the owners of historic structures. This contract provides a method of reducing property taxes in exchange for the continued preservation of the property. Property taxes recalculated using the special Mills Act assessment method can be reduced 50 percent or more!  Go to the Mills Act Page.

National Register
The National Register of Historic Places functions as the keystone of the nationwide movement to preserve our historic resources. Properties listed on the National Register have significance in American history, architecture, engineering, archeology, and culture. Owners who rehabilitate income- producing National Register properties are eligible for special tax incentives. In addition, listed properties are protected by an environmental review process if a federal undertaking is involved.