Construction Project Resource Guide

A list of many of the governmental and private agencies you may need to contact is provided below.

Remember, if you are in doubt as to whether or not a permit is required or have any questions, contact the building division in person or call: (310) 318-0636.


Unless otherwise noted, all City Departments are located in the City Hall Complex, 415 Diamond Street (the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Diamond Street).

Building Division (310) 318-0636, FAX (310) 374-4828
Private property permit records, information, plan review, permit issuance, inspections, code enforcement.

City Clerk /Treasurer (310) 318-0603, FAX (310) 937-4666
Permit fee payments, business license issuance, and Municipal Codes.

Community Services (310) 318-0635, FAX (310) 316-6467
Housing Rehabilitation Section: 1922 Artesia, Redondo Beach Financial Assistance.

Engineering Division (310) 318-0661, FAX (310) 374-4828
Permits and inspections for work in the public way, transportation, infrastructure, recycling program.

Fire Prevention Bureau (310) 318-0663, FAX (310) 376-3407
Fire Station #1: 401 S. Broadway, Redondo Beach 90277
Plan review and inspection of Fire Code requirements; hazardous materials program.

Harbor Department (310) 318-0631, FAX (310) 372-8021
Construction review for Harbor area, authority over commercial leases, special events.

Planning Division (310) 318-0637, FAX (310) 372-8021
Planning and land use management, zoning requirements, environmental review, variance processing.

Police Department (310) 379-2477, FAX (310) 374-7710
Crime Prevention Unit, 401 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach
Permits to install burglar alarm systems.

School District (310) 379-5449, FAX (310) 798-8610
1401 Inglewood Avenue, Redondo Beach
Construction Fee calculations and payment.

B. COUNTY/STATE/FEDERAL AGENCIES, As much as we try to keep the process streamlined, County, State, and Federal regulations may also apply to your project. Check the list below to see if you need to contact these agencies.


County of Los Angeles Public Works

Coastal Commission

State Waste Management Division

Los Angeles County Underground Storage Tank Program, (626) 458-3510

County Health Department
Construction of food establishments, (310) 519-6081
Installation of public pools, (310) 519-6064

County Fire Department

Hazardous Materials (213) 744-3223

County Recorder (213) 974-0771
Document Analysis and Recording (covenants and agreements), easements

County Tax Assessor (310) 534-6100

California Energy Commission (800) 772-3300 or (916) 654-5106
Interpretations of energy conservation regulations, copies of requirements or (916) 654-5106 for forms and interpretive manual.

Cal-OSHA (213) 861-9993 (general information), (818) 901-5411 (elevators and lifts 5ft. or more); excavation permits for vertical cuts over 5ft. and potentially hazardous conditions.

Caltrans (213) 897-4867 - may require improvements or widening along State Highways such as Pacific Coast Highway.

Department of Consumer Affairs (800) 952-5210
Complaints and inquiries.

Office of State Fire Marshal (818) 960-6441

South Coast Air Quality Management (800) 388-2121

Office of State Architect (916) 445-6285

Department of Housing and Community Development (916) 445-9471

State Division of Oil and Gas (714) 816-6847

State Contractor's License Board (310) 590-5331

Federal Agencies 1

Army Corps of Engineers (310) 894-5806 (publications)

Housing and Urban Development (800) USA-ABLE
Disabled access regulations for multi-residential buildings

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Purchasing copies of flood hazard maps, (800) 358-9616
Books and publications, (800) 480-2520

FEMA Flood Zone Maps

US Architectural Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

ADA- American with Disabilities Act

C. Local Utilities Hook-ups

When planning your project, don't forget that locating, identifying, marking, and rerouting existing utility lines and easements, as well as installation of new ones, may be necessary.

California Water Service (310) 257-1400
Contact commercial office to sign up for temporary construction site water from hydrants, arranging the installation of new and resized meters, routing and extending lines repairs and emergencies.

County Sanitation District (310) 699-7411
The County charges connection fees for increased sewer demand (for example, adding a new building, changing in use)

DIG-ALERT (Call 800-422-4133 for issuance of number)
The State Government Code requires a "Dig-alert" I.D. number to be issued before a Permit to Excavate is valid.

Verizon (Home telephone service)
Residential: 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966)
To arrange for a field engineer to locate connection point

Public Works Department (310) 318-0662
Trees, Parks, and recreation.

Southern California Edison 1-800655-4555
To contact planner for meter spotting, checking clearance to power lines, easements.

Southern California Gas Company 1-800-427-2200
Contact the field planner to add a meter, for service line removal, marketing.

D. Printed Information

Available at the public counter includes:
Information bulletins:
Operating procedures
Building height verification
General information sheet
Demolition permit application requirements
Business/service hours
Materials storage on public way

Flood hazard areas
Oil wells locations
County assessor books with City assigned addresses
General plan

E. Private Organizations

(Upcoming Plumbing and Mechanical Code changes), copies of publications.

Upcoming building code changes copies of publications.


Upcoming Uniform Fire Code