After the Fact Permit Procedure

Construction Done Without Permit

The intent of this procedure is to keep the process similar for new construction, thereby expediting the steps necessary to obtain a permit and inspection sign off.

Applicant Procedure

  1. Submit complete plans to the Division of Building & Safety for plan review on the work done without permits. This would include plot plan and construction plans (floor and framing plan, exterior elevations and section views, energy compliance, etc.) Electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans for non-residential projects.
  2. Complete a building permit application and pay a plan check fee.
  3. Plan check corrections will be returned requesting additional information or clarification to ensure code compliance. Elements of construction that must be uncovered will be required to be noted on the plans. As a part of the plan check process, the inspector may do a field investigation to assist the plan checker with specific areas of concern and to check for standard “After the Fact” construction detail.
  4. The applicant will be notified when the plans are approved. A permit may then be issued for the “As Built” with the payment of a permit fee plus an investigation fee of up to the permit fee amount. [UBC Sec. 107.5] Any required electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits must also be taken out at the time, with a permit fee plus the investigation fee as mentioned above.
  5. All permits issued “After the Fact” shall be based upon the finding that the “As Built” structure demonstrates reasonable compliance with the applicable city and state codes.
  6. Development fees (Park & Recreation Tax, SMI Tax, Etc.) applicable at the time of plan submittal will be assessed and collected along with the building permit. The School Facilities fee is collected by Redondo Beach Unified School District, if applicable.
  7. The applicant must request an inspection from the building inspector once the permit is issued and the required elements of construction are exposed, as required by the plan approval.

The building inspector will either approved the construction for conformance to the plans or leave a correction notice. The applicant must request a re-inspection once the required corrections are made. The inspectors’ copy of the permit will be finaled off and made a part of the City’s permanent address file. Copies of the finaled permit may be obtained at the BUILDING DIVISION.