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In order to fully utilize the Laserfiche database pop-up blockers must be disabled in all browsers.

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To browse documents, click on browse. Continue opening folders until you find the document you are looking for.

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Laserfiche documents are scanned to an image format which can be indexed and searched on-line. Printing these documents requires that the pages be converted to PDF format.

To search for a document using a specific word or phrase, click on search . This will provide you with complete directions on the two basic types of searches that can be performed via Weblink.

To print, save, and/or scroll through a document, you must convert to PDF first. Click on the PDF icon to the right of the page navigation bar to start the process.

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You may then print or scroll through the document. Pages can be printed one at a time or as a complete document. Some of our documents are very large; we have set a limit of 100 pages per download. The system can convert up to 100 pages to PDF at one time. If a document is more than 100 pages, the conversion will create multiple PDFs. This process will be slower than a regular print function as the conversion to PDF takes a few seconds for each page.

The City Clerk's Office is continually working to expand the number of documents on-line. Please contact the City Clerk's office at 310-318-0656, if you have any questions.

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