Harbor And Dock Preparations

The Fire Department recommends boaters and harbor area users to prepare for storms. Be sure to check the below list to help in the preparation.

  • Top Deck Penetrations – Replace seals or duct tape potential leaks, repair latches. 
  • Bilge Pumps – Ensure they are operational and automatic. They should also be effective and appropriately sized. 
  • Batteries/Fuses – Ensure batteries are strong & topped off. Have spare fuses available for bilge pumps. Shore power CANNOT be relied upon. 
  • Dock Lines – Check condition and number of dock lines. Consider adding spring lines to allow for surge & security. Add chafing gear if needed. 
  • Drains/Scuppers – Clear deck drains of debris and equipment to allow for proper run off. 
  • Equipment – Stow any loose equipment that is usually on the deck. Lash or stow Bimini, furl sails and secure rigging. 
  • Access – Ensure immediate access to bilge spaces and engine rooms on vessels. Keep dock fingers clear at ALL times (exception: boat steps). 
  • Underway – All safety equipment shall be on board per CFR’s. Anchors, VHF radio & electronics also recommended depending on conditions. Operate within personal limitations and always leave a buffer for unexpected changes. 
  • Lifts/Hoists – Vessels on lifts & hoists should be lowered during wind or surge events associated with storm conditions.

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