Report And Document Requests

The Records Unit produces copies of police reports, documents, and other media for dissemination to the public, the courts, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, insurance companies, and other interested parties.

To request records, fill out the request form found here and submit by US Mail or via email to . Be as thorough as you can in describing the information you are looking for. It is helpful to include case numbers, incident numbers, dates, specific times, names and birthdates for involved parties, and any other pertinent information that will help us locate your records. Please also include a copy of your photo ID. 
Information on the various types of reports, documents, and media available can be found below: 

Form: Request for Reports / Records

  • Police reports 
    • Traffic collision reports 
    • Incident reports 
    • Crime reports
      • The named victim on a crime report may receive a copy of the report at no cost. 
      • The named suspect on a crime report may request a copy of the report either via the City Prosecutor or District Attorney for civil or criminal cases respectively. Standard fees apply. 
  • Clearance letters  
    • Acceptable for foreign travel, adoption, pre-military service backgrounds. 
    • We do not provide clearance letters for immigration/emigration to/from the United States. We do not provide clearance letters for employment outside of other law enforcement agencies; instead please contact the California Department of Justice. 
  • Media files  
    • Photos, video, audio, etc. 
  • Public Records Requests 
    • 911 transcripts, call logs, photos, video, etc. can be requested on the RBPD report request form. 
    • Generalized requests for police related public records or public information can be submitted online via AccessRedondo.
Once your document request has been processed, you will be notified of any required fees. Fees can be paid by cash, check, or money order. Credit or debit cards are accepted at the Cashiers Office at City Hall or via the online payment portal.
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