Apply For Alarm Permits

In the City of Redondo Beach, every alarm system that is installed at a structure i.e. premises, residential or business, which is either self-monitored or monitored by an alarm company, must have a current alarm permit issued by the Redondo Beach Police Department. All alarm systems and alarm permits are governed by the Redondo Beach Municipal Code (RBMC) in Title 3 Chapter 11. The regulations were enacted to ensure a form of order to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. 

Effective 3/13/24, all City of Redondo Beach alarm permits, permit applications and false alarm response invoices are managed by CryWolf Alarm Services, a vendor for the City of Redondo Beach. CryWolf can be contacted via the methods below:

CryWolf Alarm Services:


Phone: 833-814-0402

Address:  PO Box 744566, Los Angeles, CA 90074-4566

To request an alarm permit application:
You may submit your request via the CryWolf website or via e-mail (above).

If you are unable to reach CryWolf Alarm Services:
If for some reason CryWolf is not reachable, you may contact the Redondo Beach Police/Fire Communications Unit via e-mail for assistance.

Alarm Permit Application Requirements:
- Each address/premises with an alarm system within the city must have an alarm permit on file.
- Alarm permits are valid for 36 months (3 years).
- Alarm permit renewals will be automatically sent by CryWolf within 30-days of the expiration date.
- The fee for each alarm permit is $33.
               Note: Payments are not accepted without a completed alarm permit application.
- Responsible parties (owners/tenants) and/or emergency contact information on an alarm permit application is extremely important and should be kept current at all times. Please provide any changes within five (5) days via e-mail to CryWolf (see above).
- If you make changes to your alarm company provider, please e-mail CryWolf (see above).
- If you no longer have an alarm system, please e-mail CryWolf (see above).

False Alarm Response Fees:
Police Department Response:
False Alarm #1,2      within 12 months = No charge 
False Alarm #3,4,5  within 12 months = $98.00/each
False Alarm #6,7,8  within 12 months = $196.00/each
False Alarm #9+        within 12 months = $392.00/each

Fire Department Response:
False Alarm #1,2, 3  within 12 months = No charge 
False Alarm #4+        within 12 months = $179.00/each
(Including but not limited to, accidental activations, or due to failure to notify RBPD of installation and/or maintenance.)

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