Pay Bills

For your convenience, the City can process payments using a credit or debit card
(VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER only) through this secure online payment portal. 
American Express and E-check payments are NOT accepted. 


By using the links below, you may pay the following: 

Business Licenses (Renewals)

Building and Engineering Permits

**For Building/Engineering Permits, please check the box "active applications only" to view and pay your current permit.

General Billing:

Fire and Police False Alarms
Retiree Monthly Medical Premiums
Fire Permit Renewals
Alarm Permits

**For General Billing, please check the box to "exclude credit and zero balance bills" to view your outstanding bills.

Other Services:

After Hours Inspection
After Hours Permit
Building Revisions
Construction Site Sign
Deputy Inspector's Registration
PD Livescan
Police Report
Real Estate Report
Seaside Lagoon Passes

**For Other Services, select the appropriate service to add to your cart and pay.

Need Help?

If you need assistance/guidance with using the portal to process your payment for:
Engineering Permits, please call (310) 318-0661 or Email Engineering
Building Permits and Real Estate Reports, please call (310) 318-0636 or Email Building Division
Business Licenses, please call (310) 318-0603 or Email Business Licensing
General Billing/Accounts Receivable, please call (310) 318-0683

If you experience a transaction error, this is typically caused by either one of the following issues:

- Not using a Mastercard or Visa;
- Entering an incorrect card number, expiration date, or security code;
- Address entered does not match billing address associated with credit/debit card;
- Credit limit exceeded;
- Card expired.

If you've corrected any of the issues above and continue to experience a transaction error, please contact Cashier's Office at (310) 318-0683 or Email Cashier

All credit card information transmitted through the City of Redondo Beach online payment portal utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption (https).  Our payment processor follows the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and undergoes a yearly audit by a PCI authorized security firm to ensure compliance with PCI rules.  The City of Redondo Beach does not capture or store credit card information as part of the online payment process.
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