Cable Television

Currently the City of Redondo Beach has two franchised cable operators:  Frontier FIOS TV and Spectrum. There are satellite video programming providers to choose from as well. These services can typically be found in the local yellow pages under "Cable TV."

The City’s franchise agreement with Frontier provides customer service standards for cable service. City staff members work with Frontier staff to resolve customer issues and ensure the very best possible service to Redondo Beach citizens. We recommend that you contact Frontier directly first for assistance. As of May 2008, Spectrum is franchised by the State of California. If you have concerns regarding Spectrum cable services, we will try to help, but we recommend that you contact the cable operators directly first.

Spectrum and Frontier also provide educational and governmental programming on the following cable channels in Redondo Beach:

City Government Information: Frontier - Ch. 41, Spectrum - Ch. 8

The Redondo Unified School District Channel: Frontier - Ch. 42, Spectrum - Ch. 45

In addition, Spectrum provides a public access channel - Ch. 54.

The Federal Communications Commission governs many aspects of cable and other telecommunications operations. The City has no regulatory control over cable modem services. The City can typically assist citizens in resolving problems or concerns, however, we recommend that you first contact the cable operators directly for assistance.

Contact Information:

Frontier FIOS TV

Spectrum Cable

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