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Sunday, March 26, 2017
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City Forms
City Clerk Forms & Applications
Section UL
 Application to Appeal to City Council (132.9 KB)
 Liability Claim Form (38 KB)
 Request for Public Records (75.7 KB)
 Title VI (link)
 Title VI (Spanish) (link)
City Manager
Section UL
 Blue Star Program (16.1 KB)
Engineering Permit Applications
Section UL
 Banner Permit Guidelines (38.6 KB)
 Best Management Practices (11.7 KB)
 Construction Permit Signature Authorization (20.4 KB)
 Engineering Permit (50.1 KB)
 Engineering Permit Guidelines (38.9 KB)
 General Engineering Notes (43.5 KB)
 Harbor Access Permit (39.8 KB)
 Harbor Access Permit Guidelines (35.2 KB)
 Insurance Requirements (All Forms and Endorsements) (5.61 MB)
 News Racks Permit Guidelines (39.1 KB)
 NPDES Certification (21.1 KB)
 Performance Bond for Engineering (23 KB)
 Street Closure Permit (37.9 KB)
 Street Closure Permit Guidelines (36.7 KB)
 Street Closure Petition (20.6 KB)
 SWRPP Checklist (52.3 KB)
 Transportation Permit (50.9 KB)
 Transportation Permit Guidelines (39.8 KB)
 Workers Compensation Declaration (19.6 KB)
Financial Services Forms
Section UL
 Business License Application - Commercial Location (387.6 KB)
 Business License Application - Home Occupation (463.5 KB)
 Garage Sale Affidavit (27.1 KB)
 List of Subcontractors (1.81 MB)
 Pet License (117.8 KB)
Section UL
 Pier Entertainer Permit (235.2 KB)
Human Resources
Section UL
 City Logo (126.3 KB)
 Police Officer Lateral Flyer Jan 2017 (735.6 KB)
 Volunteers in Policing (VIPs) (293.1 KB)
Section UL
 Building Height Certificate Application (40.3 KB)
 Owner's Affidavit (57.3 KB)
 Temporary Use Permit Application (99.2 KB)
 Zoning Letter Request (148.3 KB)
Section UL
 Neighborhood Watch Program (9.8 KB)
 Parking Meter Permit Application (95.9 KB)
Public Works
Section UL
 Block Party Application Form (link)
 Public Works Survey (link)
 Solid Waste Refuse Rate Increase Protest Form (10.2 KB)
Recreation and Community Services
Section UL
 Mobility Access Emergency Repair Program (CDBG) (32.2 KB)
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