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Notice of Implementation of Updated Park In-Lieu Fee (aka Quimby Fee)

The City’s Quimby Ordinance No. 2939-04 was adopted on September 7, 2004.  The Ordinance established fees for impacts on park and recreation facilities caused by new development in Redondo Beach.  The fees are imposed on new (additional) housing units in the City (excludes one-for-one replacement of housing units).  The Quimby fees are allocated exclusively to the City’s Subdivision Park Trust Fund for park and open space uses. 

The Redondo Beach City Council has prioritized the acquisition of Parks and Open Space as a Strategic Plan objective. As such, on August 1, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution No. CC-1708-163 setting a new Quimby Fee cap of $25,000 per unit.

In accordance with the City Council action, the Community Development Department will implement the new fee beginning January 1, 2018. The fee will be assessed only on the development of additional housing units.

Any multi-unit residential project applying for entitlements on or after January 1, 2018 will be subject to the new fee of $25,000 per net new unit.

For additional information, contact the Community Development Department at (310) 318-0637.