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Harbor Gateway and Bike Path Improvement Project

Through an extensive community outreach effort, the project includes a number of Living Streets elements that were reviewed and supported by the waterfront stakeholders, the Harbor, Planning, and Public Works Commissions, the Beach Cities Health District, the Southbay Bicycle Coalition and the Hermosa Beach City Council. 

Key improvements of this project are reconstruction of the City Parking Lot at the corner of Herondo Street and Harbor Drive into a welcome plaza parkette featuring public art, open space, landscaping, lighting and maintaining a portion of existing parking to serve beach goers; installation of a bi-directional bike path separated by a landscaped buffer along Harbor Drive; resurfacing Herondo Street and Harbor Drive; replacing existing street lighting, and improving pedestrian crossings; and provide reverse angle parking.   

By implementing many innovative features, Harbor Drive is now narrowed in width by nearly 20 feet (two travel lanes) to provide for a green-colored bike path that is physically separated from the roadway.  The Bike Path provides bicycle traffic signals to separate heavy bicycle flows from turning vehicles.  This narrowing of Harbor Drive provides fewer travel lanes and allows space for a European-style separated bike path on the waterfront side.

The project also introduces one of the first applications of reverse angle parking in the sub-region and improves safety compared to the traditional head-in angled parking.  Head-in angled parking presents a "blind spot" behind the vehicle when exiting the parking stall wherein the driver is unable to readily see oncoming traffic or bicyclists. In comparison, reverse angle parking eliminates this “blind spot” and drastically improves visibility.  Other benefits of reverse angle parking also include safer loading/unloading of children and more convenient and safe access to and from the back of the vehicle. 

(Please click the link below to see a video demonstration of reverse angle parking in the City of Oceanside)

[view video demonstration here]

The Redondo Beach Gateway and Bike Path provides increased and safe bicyclist travel that results in economic activity for the Redondo Beach Pier, and provides improved health opportunities to residents for comfortable, direct trail accessibility without riding on busy streets. It is a valuable addition to the regional commuter bicycle network and the trail extension provides a fast, direct route to the most densely populated areas of Redondo Beach.  It is an example of an innovative and transformational project that can be inspired by a Bicycle Master Plan and proves the commitment to improved public health through intervention in the built environment. 

The Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening ceremony will take place at the Gateway welcome parkette located at the corner of Herondo Street and Harbor Drive this Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 10:00 AM. 

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