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Redondo Beach Waterfront

The project is a once in a generation opportunity to revitalize our City's waterfront, creating a wonderful and authentic destination for locals and visitors.

The proposed concept for the waterfront is the culmination of eight public meetings that began in fall of 2012. Each of the public meetings were advertised through a variety of mediums and had an impressive average attendance of 200 people, all there to offer their insight and ideas on shaping a dynamic new Waterfront for residents and visitors to enjoy for generations to come.

Over the next 18 – 24 months, an environmental impact report will be conducted providing analysis from subject area experts on several aspects of the plan including traffic, noise, and marine habitat amongst others. This period will also provide opportunity for additional public input and collaboration with other governmental agencies.

Site Plan  --  Park  --  Torrance Blvd  --  Boardwalk  --  Hotel

Waterfront Environmental Study Information