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Redondo Beach Council Member Steve Diels Appointed as President to the League of California Cities – LA County Division

The installation ceremony and reception was held at the Northrup Grumman Café this past Thursday, August 2nd.  The event was attended by approximately 50 local government officials, staff and industry representatives. 

Being involved in regional issues is one of the most rewarding and important aspects of local government.  Council Member Diels has always taken this task seriously and now applies that leadership to effect regional and statewide change.  Among the issues he highlighted as a priority was his poignant observation that the balance of power at the state level is focused in the north and that “LA is out of the picture” adding that we have to “think big and act locally [to] move the balance of power south.”   
The installation ceremony also included a presentation from out-going President Bruce Barrows, Mayor Pro Tem in the City of Cerritos, and the installation of the new 2012-2013 Executive Board Members.
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