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The Redondo Beach Fire Department Needs YOUR Help!

Help our Fire Department win a $25,000 kitchen remodel from IKEA Stores and Handyman Magazine!

The Redondo Beach Fire Department is asking for your help….

As you all know, money is tight and we are trying to come up with any means to think “outside the box” to save our community money; so…our Fire Department competed in the IKEA Firehouse Rescue Remodel contest to win a new kitchen remodel worth $25,000!!!. With approximately 5000 entries submitted, Redondo Beach Fire Station #1 (located on Broadway Ave) was chosen as one of the top 5 finalists. We are competing against Departments from New York, Oregon and Illinois.

So….How can you help?  It is simple….Go the this website:  Click on the tab “click to vote” for Redondo Beach Fire Station #1. That’s it!!!!

No personal information is needed and it literally takes only seconds. Also, you can vote once a day, so please add it to your morning routine with your coffee… it daily through Feb. 28th!.

You can vote only once a day from a specific site or IP address, computers, phones, I pads, etc. They will all work. Our kitchen facility is in dire shape and the Firefighters are excited with the possibility of a new replacement for our very old kitchen.

Please help us out and pass on the word to all your family, friends, co-workers, Firefighters, Officers, contacts, tweets, etc., etc.,…….

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated by your Redondo Beach Firefighters.

Thank you to all of our Redondo Beach friends, families and residents !