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New Fun & Safety Rules for Parks

Plus, look for new signs coming to a park near you

New Park Rules of Note:

• Portable barbecues are no longer permitted in Redondo Beach parks because of fire hazard issues. Patrons may continue to use the existing built-in barbecues that are provided in City parks such as Alta Vista, Franklin and Wilderness, but may not bring and use their own barbecues.

• Patrons are no longer permitted to rope off areas of a park or to erect tents or structures in City parks without a permit.

• Roller skating, in-line skating and bicycle riding (if bike wheels are greater than 16" in diameter) are prohibited in parks except where permitted by posted signage. Children, however, are permitted to ride bicycles (with wheel diameters of 16" or less) throughout all City parks.

• Skateboarding is prohibited in all parks, with the exception of the portable skateboard area in Perry Park.

• Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in City parks.

• Dogs are prohibited in all City parks with the exception of the Dog Park area in Dominguez Park. Seeing eye dogs are permitted.

Thank you for helping us keep Redondo Beach parks safe and fun places to visit.