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Jail Division

“Fee Paying Court Commitment”


The Redondo Beach Police Department offers a “Fee Paying Court Commitment” program for qualified men and women who have been sentenced to serve no more than 96 hours in jail.

What is the Court Commitment Program?  The “Fee Paying Court Commitment” program offers an alternative to serving time in the county jail.  Men and women can serve time when sentenced to jail due to a misdemeanor conviction such as driving under the influence or a non-drug related case.  Subjects with a history of violent behavior will not be admitted to this program.  With the approval of the sentencing court, your time can be served in the safe, clean and secure environment of the Redondo Beach Police Department Jail.

How is my time served?   The Redondo Beach Jail computes sentences on a “straight time” basis.  Subjects serve their sentences on consecutive days.  However time may be served two days at a time for a maximum of 96 hours.  This may include weekends.  Note: A twenty-four (24) hour period constitutes one (1) day.  (e.g., If you have 3 days to serve, check in would be at 5 PM on Monday and check out would be at 5PM on Thursday).

What does it cost?   Court Commitment stays are $198.00 per day (12-24 hours).  All fees are payable in advance at time of check-in.  We accept cash or cashier’s checks only.  We are unable to make change, please bring the exact amount.

Will I be housed with other prisoners?  “Fee Paying Court Committals” are housed separate from all other inmates and will have minimal contact with the regular inmate population.  

Can I bring prescription medications?   The Redondo Beach Police Department Jail cannot accommodate persons with serious medical problems, requiring the administering of multiple medications.  Subjects are permitted, one (1) prescription medication, in the original prescription bottle, providing that the label bears the pharmacy’s name, your name, the type of medication and the required dosage. Persons requiring multiple medications will not be accepted into this program. (See attached forms)

What property may I bring with me?   Photo identification and one change of undergarments are permitted (e.g., a t-shirt, one pair of underwear, one pair of socks).  You may bring your prescription glasses or contact lenses & solution.  All other toiletries will be provided.  You may also bring reading material.  Pornographic material is prohibited.  The only jewelry permitted is a watch.  Smoking is not permitted.  Please arrive with all of your permitted items in a plastic or paper bag. (See attached pages)

May I have visitors?  Visiting hours for Fee Paying Court Committals are every other day, between 10AM and 12PM or 7 PM and 9PM.  Family or friends wishing to visit should make an appointment with the jailer one half hour before visiting hours begin by calling (310)318-0616.

Where are we located?   The Redondo Beach Police Department Jail is located at

401 Diamond Street.  On the northwest corner of Diamond and Pacific Coast Highway in the city of Redondo Beach.

Is parking available?   We encourage you to have someone drop you off to complete your stay.  If this is not possible, public parking is available.

How can I serve my time at the Redondo Beach Jail?  During your sentencing proceedings you may ask the court to allow you to serve your sentence in the Redondo Beach City Jail.  You will also need to ask for a Court Commitment Order, which states your name, the charge and the sentence (time) to be served.  Make sure the court indicates on the Commitment Order, that your time may be served at the Redondo Beach City Jail.

How do I apply?   Come by the Redondo Beach Police Department and ask personnel for a Fee Paying Court Commitment application.  You may take the packet home to fill out at your leisure.  Return the entire packet, along with a TB screening and the Court documents at any time.  If your application meets our qualifying criteria, you will be contacted to schedule the dates to serve your sentence.


If you have any questions, contact the Jail Manager at (310) 379-2477 x2302.

Redondo Beach Police Department Fee Paying-Court Commitment Program Forms:

1.  Application
2.  Medical Questionnaire
3.  Conditions of Confinement 
4.  Authorized Items Form

All forms must be thoroughly completed and turned in along with the court order for commitment and a TB screening document.