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Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Millie Riera's Sign
Millie Riera sign
Participate in the Preservation Commission's Sea Food Grotto Sign poll, and view responses .

PCH & Avenue IThe Commission is involved in the resolution of a controversial topic, whether the City should restore and/or designate the 1948 neon Millie Riera's restaurant sign located at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Avenue I. Millie Riera's Sea Food Grotto was demolished and condominium units were constructed on the site, but the companion sign three blocks away still stands in its original location. Although appearing to be on the Chevron station property, the sign is actually on City of Redondo Beach public property [click photo at left to enlarge].
PCH NeonChevron has pledged $1000 for the restoration of the sign, the Redondo Beach Historical Society pledged $500 for restoration of the sign in its current location, and State funds may be available. Further, the City and a sign company have developed preliminary drawings for a new Hollywood Riviera entry sign at this location that would complement the original Millie Riera sign.

At the same time, a revival of interest in neon signs [click to view the Museum of Neon Art website] is taking place. Nearby Pacific Coast Highway businesses are installing new neon signs, and other communities such as the City of Los Angeles are saving historical neon signs [click photo at left to enlarge; note the Millie Riera sign in the center].

Millie Riera's Sea Food Grotto Sign Public Opinion Poll
What should the City do with the Millie Riera's Sign?
We appreciate your thoughts, interest, and time spent visiting our Redondo Beach preservation site. Please reply by clicking and sending one of the choices below. An e-mail window will appear, and you will also be able to provide additional comments.

1) Keep the Millie's sign in its current location, preserve it and designate it a City Landmark.

2) Keep the Millie's sign in its current location, but remove the "three blocks" portion. It's confusing.

3) Move the Millie's sign to a new location ( and please suggest the location(s); for example, the Historical Museum, or...?)

4) Demolish the Millie's sign. It refers to a place that doesn't exist.

5) I have another idea regarding the Millie's sign.

Responses to Millie Riera's Sea Food Grotto Sign Public Opinion Poll
From: Amberly
Keep the Millie's Sign In Place.
Please keep the sign where it is and restore it. Too much of "old" Redondo has been destroyed

From: Monique Gaines
Keep the Millie's Sign In Place.
PLEASE Keep the Sign Alive!
I was raised in The Torrance-Redondo Beach community. The Millie's sign is something I remember from as far back as grammar school. My parents had dinner there every Friday night for 30 years. They knew the Riera's well at that time; my father would scuba dive with Millie's Husband in the 50's in San Pedro.
With my parents, I had my first coming of age dinner there as a teen. I remember my parents would rave about the Swordfish and how it was breaded and broiled; no restaurant does that in that area now.
Millie always made dining a personal experience to ensure that the service and meal was of the highest quality. I no longer live in the area; however, last November I went out to Redondo Beach for Thanksgiving with my daughter Shannon and visited good friends. I made a point of taking pictures of Millie's sign; I have wanted a picture of that sign for about 10 years. I have feared a political issue would actually "Kill the Sign" that so many of us still Love.
If the sign is taken down and destroyed, the City will be killing a beautiful part of Redondo Beach, it will take with it an era of small town enjoyment for all, regardless of socio-economic class.
Millie's was on the corner of Avenue I and the Esplanade, an area natives who have since moved away will always have fond memories of: Sun, Sand, Sea, Turf and a great meal as you watch the sunset slip away for another day. For those of us who were Avenue I "beach bums" and "beach bunnies" all through high school and college it was a great reminder of what small town had to offer the locals. We were locals and that is something I will always be proud of.
PLEASE KEEP THE SIGN ALIVE! The city has destroyed so many other wonderful landmarks already, please do NOT destroy the last of Redondo Beach that some of us have stored away in our Memory banks.
An Aging Redondo "beach bunny"
Monique Gaines

From: John Gaines
Keep the Millie's Sign In Place.
It is a reminder of a time when what sat on top of the ground was more important than the ground itself. When people could watch the sun set and eat a Swordfish steak. Now we can no longer enjoy what was at the time a "Simple" pleasure. Born and raised in the South Bay I have watched so many things change and not always for the better. Redondo is now mostly concrete and asphalt.
Maybe put a small sign under the "Cocktails" sign designating it as a historical landmark.

From: Linda Saker
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

I think the sign should be designated as a landmark, restored and kept in the same place without change.

From: Denise Martin
Keep but Modify the Millies Sign

From: Bim Armstrong
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Please keep the Millie's sign in place. It is a great reminder of the history of Redondo Village. If a few people get confused by the sign, so much the better. It will add to the mystique of Riviera Village.
I worked at Millie's from 1968 until 1973 as a dishwasher, busboy, and parking attendant. I was one of many young people who worked their way through high school and college with paychecks from Millie's.
At the time, Millie served as manager and hostess, with her Uncle Tony serving as chef, her son Joe also serving as chef and manager, as well as other family members helping out in various roles. There were also several long term employees who made up the Millie's family.
Millie's husband was a fisherman in San Pedro and after the war, he opened up the restaurant to supplement his income by having a place to sell his fish. When the restaurant first opened, you could pick out your piece of fish and then the restaurant would prepare it. Unfortunately, in the mid-fifties, Millie's husband died suddenly, leaving Millie alone with three young children to raise. At first, Millie really struggled to keep the restaurant afloat, working long hours and even having friends volunteer to work at the restaurant. At that time, women were not allowed to tend bar, unless they owned the restaurant. so when Millie started tending bar, it was quite unusual. (Women have come a long way!)
After quite a struggle, the restaurant became quite successful. In my opinion, it was a result of excellent food in ample quantities, good service, and of course a great view. Almost all the food was prepared in the restaurant, including the creamy clam chowder, bouillabaisse, cioppino, pizza bread and even the blue cheese dressing. At that time, we also had entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights -- an accordion player!
Millie's was a fixture in Redondo Village for 50 years. Let's keep the old sign as a reminder of that great period.
Bim Armstrong
Santa Barbara, California

From: Teresa L. Turner
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Since Redondo Beach has lost so much of its landmarks, let's keep the sign where it is.
Sincerely, Teresa L. Turner

From: Doug Polly
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

Before it was Millie's Seafood grotto, it was the Vista Del Mar .. owned by Millie and her husband, Frank and has quite a renowned history. Many an evening Hollywood stars dined as they gazed out over the Pacific. My mom and dad were good friends with the Rieras .. we bought the coolest '53 Buick Skylark from them in 1954. I met the infamous Lacoco Brothers there, friends (family?) of the Rieras... All this was 50 years ago! Quite a place ...
Keep the sign .. keep it where it is .. probably change the 3 blocks thing and indicate that it's a historical thing. Any restaurant that lasts 50 years, particularly with the same family ownership is a rarity. When I think of Redondo Beach, I think of the old Vista Del Mar .. and so many remember it as Millie's. Screw progress! Keep the sign!!!
Doug Polly
Long Beach, CA

From: Nico Kay
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Those of us who are old enough can remember going to "the grotto" for everything from our first night out to a real restaurant with our parents, to graduation celebrations, first dates and beyond. Don't let them remove the sign.
Nico Kay
Hermosa Beach resident since the 60's

From: Volney L Willett
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Some of the most wonderful moments of my life were spent in Millie's. I met some of the most interesting people who ever walked this earth there. I was shocked when I learned that Millie's was torn down and condo's were in it's place. Please keep that one, last part of a wonderful place.

From: Leland G. Whitson, M.D.
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Keep it in place. Refurbish, repair and operate it. I would be well to modify the sign indicating it is an Historical Landmark and not an operating business. Via El Prado, R.B. ~ two blocks from the sign.

From: Jim Donatz
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

Keep the sign in place, it`s part of our history.

From: Patrick J. Jones
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

From: Vic Stapf
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

From: Jeff Creeden
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
All Redondo Locals say, "keep the sign and maintain it".

From: Eric Lynxwiler
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Keep the sign as it is and where it is. Of course relight it, it's a landmark.
Eric Lynxwiler
RUHS '91
Los Angeles-Hollywood Neon Cruise Guide

From: Ms. Kelterborn
Keep But Modify the Millie's Sign

I feel the sign is a beautiful piece of art from the past. Please preserve it!
Ms. Kelterborn

From: Kelly Martin
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

Keep The sign. Designate it a landmark.

From: Eric Wurst
Demolish the Millies Sign

From: Kathleen Bergstrom
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
I happened upon information in the Redondo Beach Historical Society's website about efforts to save and restore the Millie Riera's sign. I am writing to let you know I am in full support of this. I would even be glad to make a small donation towards this if it would help. And, of course, the sign should not be moved!
Although we do not live in the South Bay, I am very familiar with the sign since my husband has pointed it out to me many times. His parents often ate at Millie's, and his dad still lives in Manhattan Beach.
Reading about Millie's sign reminded me of discussions in South Pasadena several years ago. Gus's Barbecue had been destroyed in the 1987 earthquake. Some people were for saving the 1940s neon sign, while others apparently did not think the owners should be allowed to put it back up when they rebuilt their restaurant. I am happy to say the old neon sign survived. It makes me smile whenever I drive by... just as I'm sure it does to many others.
In today's world of chain stores and restaurants where everything looks alike no matter where you are, efforts should be made to save whatever unique and interesting things we have left.

From: Joelle Dunn
Another Idea Regarding the Millies Sign
Is it possible to put restore it and put on it "Historical Landmark" so that people know that is all it is? If not, demolish it.

From: Michael Morales
Move the Millies Sign
As current President of the Riviera Village Association and a business owner in the Village for eight years, the future of the sign has been a topic of discussion within our business community. Since shortly after Millie's unfortunate closure, the general consensus in the Village has been to remove the sign as it is terribly misleading to potential visitors to our area. With respect to the historical society, any money spent on this endeavor, should be focused on relocation and then restoration. We honor the fact that the sign has some sentimental value, as a business organization we must focus on promoting the businesses that are currently operating in the Village.
Michael Morales, Harmony Works
President, Riviera Village Association

From: Jan DeAugustine-Peck
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
KEEP the sign, designate it a landmark, fix it up. Are we such a throw away society that no reminders of our past are worth saving? I hope not. The sign is a part of local history (not to mention memories of my long ago youth.).. Please don't tear it down!

From: Paul Moses
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Keep it there as is. Let's stop all progress and growth in Redondo Beach. Who needs it! Join the thousands, sign the petition to put a moratorium on The Heart Of The City plan. I like the slum that is the north end of Catalina Avenue. [Name withheld] has taste. I don't want to see Van's Belgium Waffles torn down. Even though it has not been open since 1988. It is part of the charming old Redondo that I've idealized in my mind. Empty lots, old signs and power lines, that's the old Redondo I want to preserve.

From: Steve Gerhardt
Keep But Modify the Millie's Sig
Refurbish the sign to make it pretty again, light it up at night, and don’t worry about if it confuses people.

From: Debie Walker
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

From: Neil Sholander
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

Keep the sign where it is. Why? As a reminder of the short-sightedness, poor planning and yuppie greed that has plagued Redondo Beach. Every times we
pass it, let it be a reminder what we used to have, and what we may someday
regain. That is if the South Bay hasn't finally extinguished the last vestiges of its soul. Remember that nobody gave a d**n when such a quaint restaurant got demolished for yet more townhouses. Remember that we had a drive-inn nearby that is now, appropriately, a retirement community. Remember that folks used to DANCE at what is now a Bristol farms. Remember when a jazz band could play in the Riviera Village without some [] NIMBY running to the City Council. To those who say it's confusing, get a grip. It has been confusing for decades, as it was three blocks from Millies. And that assumes that motorists could even read the sign while speeding around that bend. Keep the sign as a reminder that Redondo used to be young.
Neil Sholander

From: Charlie Morales
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

Keep and restore the sign. The idea that it baffles outsiders makes it a great inside joke for the locals.

From: William Hardy
Move the Millies Sign
Move it to a Redondo Beach Museum. Because of the overcrowding of retail stores
and restaurants (thanks to the selfish shortsighted city planners) it doesn't make sense to keep it there any longer.
William Hardy
South Bay Native and Green

From: Jon VanderJagt
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Hi, I am a long time resident of the south Bay. I am also an electric sign contractor. I would like to see the sign stay where it is and become a landmark. I would be willing to offer my time and expertise to help with the renovation process at no cost to the city( free) .

From: The Switzers
Demolish the Millies Sign

From: Chip Wynne
Keep but Modify the Millies Sign

From: Michele Galassi
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Keep the sign and reserve it as a historic landmark it should remain in its current location.
- Michele Galassi
Alumni, CSULA geography dept.

From: RichinArt
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

From: Mimi Marrs
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Please keep the sign there. Too bad they tore Millies down. Seems that
everything interesting and historical is getting torn down in Redondo Beach. The neon sign craze is so ugly and not a beach style at all. It lowers property values and makes our town look bad. Of course, what can we expect - look at Artesia Blvd.

From: Laura Rothbart
Move the Millies Sign
I was new to the area and I drove around forever trying to find that place. The sign led to nowhere and when a friend finally told me this, I was so mad! Why keep the sign where it is , if there is no restaurant.

From: Thomas A. Spiglanin
Demolish the Millies Sign
Well, it would be nice to warehouse it or preserve it until a suitable location can be found. Perhaps a museum of such items in LA County? The sign is not a terribly useful thing for the city today.

From: Terry Croft
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Keep and preserve. Lived here all my life and watched to much of the town's character being casually discarded. Sign may not be of monumental importance but we have to start somewhere.
Terry Croft

From: Elwood Marshall
Demolish the Millies Sign
By historical happenstance the sign is on city property. If it wasn't it would be long gone by now. Moonstone Beach, Iron's Cottage by the Sea, The Daily Breeze building in Redondo, Foster Freeze, Taco Tio countless gas stations and other food places are all gone. They could not make a profit or their owners found a better use for their property and money. The one good thing is that their signs were not on city property to decay and mislead and waste taxpayer's money. I certainly don't think it is charming or eccentric to mislead with a rusty old sign - it's just plain stupid and bad manners to our visitors. A city is a naturally evolving thing and time and commerce move on. There is no good purpose served by keeping an old restaurant sign and wasting money on trying to incorporate it in a new sign. We certainly have enough signs as it is along the highway let's not compound an anachronism with more visual clutter
Elwood Marshall

From: Norman and Suzanne George
Demolish the Millies Sign
It's a pity that the same interest being shown to save the sign wasn't shown to save the restaurant itself. If more of us had supported the restaurant with our patronage, it would still be in business, and all of this discussion would have been unnecessary. Let it go, along with everything else the city has let slip away in recent years.
Norman and Suzanne George

From: Patricia Dunlap
Keep But Modify the Millie's Sign
Where's the harm is retaining a piece of our history? It means something to those of us who stayed or returned to this area because of what it WAS. Redondo Beach seems to think that no one wants anything around more than a few years. We don't preserve, remember, or care about things which would tie us to our community. It's all "bring in the bucks", "who cares abour locals, let's cater to visitors", "entertainment parks are better than neighborhoods", and "where's the profit?" mentality these days (just look at the Heart of the City Plan!). Once one of the Smothers brothers commented that there was nothing left of old Redondo worth visiting - no reason to return. Some of us don't want to become Hermosa, Santa Monica or Disneyland. Leave the sign, designate it a Historical Landmark, and let visitors wish they'd been here when we had Millie's.
Patricia Dunlap

From: Bill Busch
Move the Millies Sign
I don't believe the sign is particularly interesting (ugly is a better term), but I would have no objection to it being moved to another location, like the historical museum. I feel strongly that it should not be kept at its current location as it is very confusing and not fair to people from out of town. At least if it were with a collection of other historical memorabilia, it would be in proper context.
Bill Busch
Redondo Beach

From: Brad Waller
Move the Millies Sign
It was nice while there was a restaurant to send people to, but to send them to a condo down the street just doesn't work anymore. The sign could be moved to be near the other historical houses that were relocated to Dominguez Park. Veteran's Park is another possibility if there is an area that makes sense. The sign by itself would be just as out of place in Veteran's Park as it is in PCH. Either that, or maybe by the pier in the new "Heart of the City" area to pay homage to the historically significant artifacts of the city's past.
Brad Waller

From: Karen Peters
Millie's Riera's Sign
With regard to preserving the sign....I feel the sign should be taken down and disposed of. The restaurant is out of business and the City should not be maintaining a sign for a private enterprise.
While the restaurant was it business it was a landmark but it is gone now and time to move on.
Karen Peters
Redondo Beach, CA

Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
feels like a keeper...

From: WFHopkins
remove the sign.

From: Paul Reams
Demolish the Millies Sign
This situation needs some common sense. The sign is confusing, since the restaurant no longer exists. It will require expenses for something that is not of much benefit to the taxpayers of the city. The Riera family itself apparently was not interested enough to save the sign. Whether it is left in place or moved, it is not worth the cost. Those who want to preserve the sign should consider the estimated costs involved. One report indicated it would cost $400 per year just for maintenance, apparently from city funds. The restaurant no longer exists, so it is obvious it misleading where it is. The Riera family apparently was not interested in preserving the sign either. Get real.

From: Ric Perez
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

From: Billy Hodges
Move the Millies Sign
I don't know the exact corner, but a series of historical signs could be relocated to a corner park near the pier or in one of the downtown parks. A history lane if you will...
Please do save it one way or another though.
Billy Hodges
Hermosa Beach

From: Denise Disney
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
Please restore the entire sign in its original place. Preserving the sign is a very small and inexpensive gesture which Redondo and PCH will benefit from.
Denise Disney
Redondo beach

From: Hankidu
Keep the Millies Sign In Place
yes, #1, keep it there!

From: Cindy Szerlip
I definitely feel that to restore the sign and leave it in it's current location is misleading and counterproductive. However, Millie's was an historical landmark here in Redondo, so I agree the sign should be restored and displayed. Perhaps a spot to consider is in Veteran's Park near the newly painted mural depicting historical scenes of Redondo. I'm sure there are other semi-portable "landmark" items that can also be restored and displayed there and further reinforce the nostalgic feeling building in that area. Especially considering the planned "Heart of the City" project, a display of nostalgic items that originally brought people to the area would be an additional bonus.
Cindy Szerlip

From: ------------
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place
I vote sincerely but anonymously, please. I enjoy the sign every time I see it. It doesn't mean anything anywhere else.

From: R.&S.
Keep the Millie's Sign in Place

From: Howard Sachar
Another Idea Regarding the Millies Sign
There still seems to be an aura around many old parts of Redondo that suggests that if something is old it is by definition good. The Millie Riera sign is in that catagory and the only thing we can agree on is that it is old. I for one never liked the sign even when it was new. It is amazing that so much time has been spent on this non issue. Get it out of there and move it anywhere. It is an eyesore.
Howard Sachar

From: Lauren Scott
Keep the Millies Sign in Place
I like the sign and hope the city keeps it in its current location. If it is clearly designated as an historic landmark I don't think there will be a problem with confusion. Also, I hope the city honors the results of the poll. Thanks.
Lauren Scott - 1056 Avenue C

From: Janet L. Simpson
Move the Millies Sign
Move it to a museum of old signs. OH! There isn't one? Auction it off to the highest bidder and donate the money to a local charity.

From: Kelterborn
Keep the Millies Sign in Place

From: Susan Coe
Move the Millies Sign
Move it--it hardly rates as attractive, the restaurant is no longer there and there's no shortage of advertising on that street as it is. In fact, it's difficult to pick out the sign you ARE looking due to the excess signage. The last thing you need is signs to places that aren't there any more.
Where? to a historical museum, if they are interested.
Susan Coe

Greg Anderson
Move the Millies Sign
Millie's sign should be preserved, but moved to the Museum or to Heritage Square where it can be amongst other Historical town items such as the Houses. So it can be enjoyed in a proper context such as a backdrop of Milles Restaurant.
Greg Anderson

Christopher D. Boyle
Move the Millies Sign
Move to Historical Museum
Christopher D. Boyle

Betty Peters
Keep the Millies Sign in Place
Please keep the Millies sign in place and restored with 'three blocks portion in place.
Betty Peters
Redondo Beach

From: Donald Szerlip
Move the Millies Sign
A museum would be appropriate. At its current location it is confusing and unwarranted. If preservation is sought, then preserve it in the archives of Redondo's history.

From: Dean Francois
Keep the Millies Sign in Place
it needs to be kept where it is for all of the reasons that have been expressed by those in favor as well those opposed. the fact that there is no best answer and the fact that we will never have any such concensus on the subject means the only right thing to do is heep it right were it is. many would regret it later after it is gone but few would really regret it later because we kept it. we all need to give up a little in this world to all get along so maybe we just might have to travel down PCH and look at it for no useful reason, or maybe we might have to take a half a minute of our time and direct some stranger to another nice resturant, or maybe we might need to just think that somebody else who appreciates it up will have to enjoy it themselves in their own private way.

From: Herbert Harris
Move the Millies Sign
To North Redondo Beach

From: Rita Hauer
Move the Millies Sign
To the Historical Museum!

From: Gary Stager
Keep the Millies Sign in Place
Please leave the Millie's sign where it is. Millie's and the sign are an important part of Redondo Beach history, especially the Riviera Village. There should be some kind of designation attached to it to indicate that it is a historical landmark and that the restauant no longer exists.
Gary Stager

From: Robin Maynard
Demolish the Millies Sign
I can't believe people are still wasting time on this non-issue. It was just a restaurant. It's not there anymore, why advertise it? I'm sure this sign is confusing to the thousands of tourists that travel down Pacific Coast Highway every year. So what, it's an old sign. I'm an old person and no one's offering any funds to refurbish me! Lose the sign and stop wasting our tax dollars on these endless discussions!

From: Extendedoverhaul
Keep the Millies Sign in Place
Winchell's - Starbuck's
Woody's - Tony Roma's
See's - Fatburger
Howard's - Trader Joe's
Plush Pony - Chez Melange
Plush Horse - Bristol Farms
Velvet Turtle...
need I say more?
let's preserve something simple with meaning smack dab on PCH to those who
have spent their whole lives here.

From: Jim Vaughan
Keep the Millies Sign in Place
We knock way to much stuff down as it is.
Jim Vaughan
Redondo Beach, CA

Nancy Hoffman
Keep the Millies Sign in Place
keep it where it is, as it is. . . . . (but restored?)

From: Steve Aspel
Move the Millies Sign
I have no problem keeping the sign but I believe that it should be placed with the other historic landmarks in the Park! As a resident and a business person in South Redondo, I find this sign more of an irritant and an eyesore than a beautiful piece of art!
On many occasions I have been asked by people for directions to the 'Grotto." Only 2 weeks ago a tourist from Chicago asked me where she could find the Grotto. I felt like directing her to the City Hall but I talked her into Hennessy's!
I also believe that you are misleading people with statements on the website such as: The building was demolished to make way for condominium units. The building was demolished because of a shrinking profits brought on by an archaic menu and poor business practices.
This is an old rusted sign to nowhere. It's just time for it to go.
Steve Aspel
Resident, businessperson and Planning Commissioner

From: Stuart Watson
Reira Sign
For the life of me I can't understand why this topic is even being discussed. Tear the sign down. It is misleading. Suppose an out-of-town visitor to Redondo sees the sign and heads for the former restaurant site only to find more condos. What's she to think of our city when she can't find it?
The sign is just more clutter in out cityscape. Why not consider a review of the city's sign ordinances and consider removing or reducing other signs along PCH?
I can't think the Riera family cares. They sold the property willingly and cashed out of a failing restaurant business.
Stuart Watson

From: Mark Braden
Keep the Millies Sign In Place
The sign should be kept in its current place and restored WITH "three blocks" portion.
I find that one of the facets that makes a city an interesting place to live or visit is those odd little eccentricities that are tucked way (sometimes in plain sight). These places or sites, like an oddly designed building or an out-of-place sculpture, eventually become treasured by the locals. The Millie's sign could be just that. Yeah, so Millie's doesn't exist anymore and it isn't 3 blocks that-a-way, but that's what makes it so interesting.
Mark Braden

From: Dan Rosman
Demolish the Millies Sign
if there was still a restaurant it would make sense keeping it...why bother now? it is stupid...but then again, that is what i have come to expect from the Redondo Beach city council and city planners...
Dan Rosman
Redondo Beach

From: Jeri Dinnel
Demolish the Millies Sign
As a 30 year resident of Redondo Beach and a past patron of Millie Riera's I believe it is time to move on. If we keep the Millie's sign are we also going to keep Joe's, Tony's, etc. that all make up Redondo Beach?? Where would it stop? It was a wonderful restaurant in it's time but it's gone. I loved the Velvet Turtle in Rivera Village. I don't see a sign commemorating it's existence. Personally I find the sign confusing and an eyesore. Maybe someone that collects memorabilia would like to buy it and we could donate the money to our historical society.
Just a few thoughts.
Jeri Dinnel

From: Smitty, Kandi and Rusty Lancaster
Keep but Modify the Millies Sign
As former residents, we just remarked on our last visit how "shabby" the sign appeared. We all commented that it should be restored, but recognizing how it might confuse the visitor, remove the "three blocks" designation.
Smitty, Kandi and Rusty Lancaster
PS--my parents used to take me to Millie's in a baby carriage--over 50 years

From: Chris Gaian
Keep the Millies Sign In Place
The sign should be kept in its current place. Make some sort of designation that the sign is a landmark and that the restaurant is closed. Millie's was a big part of Rivera Village and its past lets NOT take that away.
Tom Gaian

From: Steve Luke
Another Idea Regarding the Millies Sign
Remove the sign. Give it to the Riera family. Replace it with a neon sign saying: "More Condo's -- 3 Blocks" with an arrow pointing towards the beach. I think that would be more accurate and appropriate.

From: Steve Nelson
Move the Millies Sign
It should be displayed at the Historical Museum. It has little if any value in its present location. It is a business that is no longer located in the village.

From: Brian & Joyce Sinclair
Move the Millies Sign
The sign doesn't have as much significance now that the Sea Food Grotto is gone. However, it has been a part of Redondo's history for 50 years and should be preserved. Our first choice is for some restoration and a new home for the sign at Dominguez Park. Keeping it in it's present location after some restoration may be ok if it's done in such a way that it doesn't look out of place. Let's also not get stuck with something that requires costly never ending maintenance.
Brian & Joyce Sinclair
Redondo Beach.

From: Cynthia Burgess
Keep the Millies Sign In Place
The sign should be preserved in its current location. It is a City landmark and one that reflects an important time in the City's development. The years the restaurant was in operation (1948-1998) could be added to the lower portion of the sign to avoid any possible confusion about the closure of the restaurant.
Cynthia Burgess
Preservation Commissioner

You can read the Commission's previous Meeting Minutes to learn more about this discussion. Many people have expressed opinions about the sign, including letters to local newspapers. We welcome you input on this and any preservation topic, via e-mail, correspondence, and attending our Meetings and speaking as part of the public forum.
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